How to reuse elements of painting

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Brushes, rollers, paint cans, all of these elements can have other use then fulfilled life for which were manufactured.

Elements to paint

Works of painting, both work as decorative or artistic, are an ideal way to express ourselves, beautify our environment and our home, and make a more welcoming and personal atmosphere. But the materials we use suffer much damage, especially when we don’t give them adequate care or use has already been over.

To avoid discarding them to increasing the damage to our environment, we can reuse these brushes, and materials in new objects and elements, to make our lifestyle and minimize the generation of waste.

Tips for reusing elements of painting

Before we see how we can reuse the used brushes, must assess their condition: sometimes old and worn brushes are used for special projects of painting, or also for the application of plastered, cement and other materials. Try to use your worn brushes of all possible ways before declaring them useless, and thus you will save in your purchase and help the environment.How to reuse elements of painting

If definitely these brushes can no longer use it properly, we can use them in other objects. For example, old worn brushes can be bent to 90° to place them into the sockets, once we have cut their bristles about 2 cm. In this way, we will make a stop that prevents doors to hit walls without the need to purchase new items, and also give the House an original touch.

How to reuse elements of painting

The handle of the brush can be reused to structure new elements and painting utensils. For example, if we add the old disused kitchen sponges, we can build a new brush foam, ideal for synthetic paints or certain decorative techniques. Also can Winter’s you threads of plastic (which get drinks or some brush or swab old bottles) to create a brush ideal for reviewing small surfaces.

In addition to brushes, we can reuse the rollers, which can be reconditioned with new layers of contact, for painting tasks over and over again. When they are too damaged, we rolled them a tape of packing with the adhered surface outward, to review items of clothing, chairs, curtains and others, in order to remove hairs of pets, fluff and other dirt.

And, finally, paint cans can be reused in multiple ways. creating containers for plants, bins of trash or ash for the grill, virtually no other materials or with minimum expenses.

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