how to reuse elements of painting ideas

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Paintings made with their own hands, ideal for interior design, because better than the owners no one can feel the spirit of the house, perfectly emphasizing its mood with the appropriate details. Performed in various techniques, they will make individual even the boilerplate design of the apartment, refresh the boring living room or kitchen, fill the house with comfort and positive emotions.

The main condition for creating a masterpiece is inspiration. It is better not to copy someone’s work, but to try to feel the mood of your own home, to imagine what is lacking in the interior, which could emphasize its merits. Any thoughts and sketches are better to put in a separate notebook – when creating a picture they can be useful. Think about where the future work will hang – in the living room, kitchen, bedroom.

The current in abstract art, which originated in the United States in the 1940, and is represented mainly by the artists of the New York School. Abstract expressionism continued the “liberation” of art from any control of reason and logical laws, aiming to spontaneously express the inner world of the artist, his subconscious in chaotic, abstract forms and taking as the main creative principle spontaneous, automatic application of colors on the canvas, occurring exclusively under the influence of mental and emotional states….

In a rapid rhythm, the artists covered the surface of the canvas with large energetic strokes, often resorting to the reception of dripping (spraying paint or squeezing out of the tube). The process of creating the picture often took place in public: in front of the audience played a whole performance, in which the gestures and movements of the artist played the same active role as the streams of paint falling and spilling on the canvas.

how to reuse elements of painting ideas

Abstract expressionism dominated American culture until the early 1960s, becoming one of the first major currents in American painting and influencing the development of the entire world art.

Adaptation is the property of the eye to adapt to certain lighting conditions. There are adaptations to light, darkness, and color. The peculiarity of the latter is the adaptability of the eye not to notice the color of lighting on the objects.


The easiest way to create an original picture for the interior with your own hands is to write it. The subject is limited only by the imagination of the creator. Even in the absence of artistic skills can turn out a masterpiece: use abstract techniques, study master classes and photos of finished works.

Inspiration can be drawn in nature, if there are picturesque places near the house. If neither with the place nor with the weather is unlucky, boldly draw your household, pets, compositions of fruit – anything. The accuracy of the reproduction of reality does not play any role, the main thing is to approach the process with the soul.

Using paint in a can it is easy to apply the image through a stencil. As the basis for the picture it is better to take plywood or very dense cardboard. The paint for the background should differ in color and effect from the color of the picture. For example, the original colored patterns on a gold or silver field. You can make several identical in size pictures and put them in a single work by the type of modular paintings, which will decorate the wall in the living room.

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