How to reuse old doors

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An old door that is somewhat impaired can serve to make new objects, such as tables, furniture put, commodes, shelves and many more.

Transform old doors

Earth, Pablo Neruda, seaman spent endless hours enjoying the sea. When one day he saw arrive, floating, what he considered a gift: was an old wooden door that floated in the water and then become nothing less than the desk of one of the most influential and notable writers and poets of the 20th century.

Ideas for reusing old doors

With the same wit, cunning and awareness of re-use, you can transform old doors in disuse, perhaps even somewhat deteriorated, in functional furniture or decorative details par excellence. Already are to decorate or to cover an old wardrobe, with doors or wall mount them simulating an opening, or make that space is perceived as less closed or even wider, the old Gates will also serve to give an original touch to our home.

Those old doors in disuse may also become tables, furniture put, commodes, shelves, modular and even divisors of spaces to lofts and studios. Just analyze the structure, material and, of course, possibilities door presents, to give that old wooden structure a new life.

Steps to use an old door

The first thing is to refurbish the gate in the best possible way, according to the new application we will give you. If part breaks and others, and we’re just going to use a sector, we will cut (getting the shape of the end use, especially if it’s shelves that follow the forms of a wall) the useful part, sanding to remove dirt, etched paintings and roughness.

How to reuse old doors

If the piece had marks and minor damage, do not attempt to repair them unless it was of absolute necessity. These small damages give the wood a history and a unique personality, that can help you in creating a rustic and antique-style decor.

After cleaning and reconditioning, you give completion appropriate by means of varnishes, paints, protective products and, of course, decorative elements that give the final touch.

To give a unique look to this old gate, you can attach fittings and decorative details, so the piece is seen as door with new use, instead of “wood”. Putting hardware, levers, and even locks of old iron, for a splendid look at a coffee table, or putting peepholes and small lattices for a splendid divider screen.

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