How to run your car in winter

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How to run your car in winter, The onset of winter the first snowfall and sleet For motorists, already accustomed to clean and dry slopes in summer, begins the hottest time. “Dashing” turns at high-speed would have to be postponed, and maybe even forget. Many motorists have raised the question of the feasibility of operating a car in winter. Aside from the fact that the number of accidents increases at times, and in the morning have to dig out the car and 15 minutes warming up, so still and chemicals, salts, for a couple of seasons, is not only car body-tank rust. So we have to deal with motorists: ride or not to ride? In this article we will try to describe the basic rules drive on winter roads.

For those who still dare to travel at any time of year and weather need time to prepare the car. Start with timely oil changes. It is better to use a low viscosity, and imported domestic, and striving to become a Blancmange with negative temperature. Replace the antifreeze in the cooling system, if was flooded with water, or went over the duration of his replacement. In front of the winter period of operation it is a good idea to replace the spark plug at the worst, you need to check and, if necessary, install the required gap at the old candlelight. Pour into the windscreen washer. Verify job system ABS if available, and the braking system in General: focus on concurrency braking actuation. At the beginning of braking efforts distribution, most notably. In the end, check the levels of liquids such as: power steering, braking system, an expansion tank coolant. Summer tires must be replaced in a timely manner on winter.

How to run your car in winter

Even today is flat and dry road, which was suitable for drag-racing today, topped with fresh snow, recalls the hockey venue. To start, turn on the first gear, adjusting time snagging and not pressing on the gas, trying to pull away. If drove-fine, if not, attempt number two. Only include the second transfer, and by performing the same actions, try to move (you must ensure that the machine is not stalled). Do not forget that the interesting fact that the smoother wheel stand (for front-drive cars is particularly important), the more chances to pull away. For rear-engined cars, you can also use the hand brake: just before the motion to tighten it to the Middle, and after the machine go-let him go completely. These actions will help to avoid slippage. Crackdown on a slippery road, must take place smoothly, you must transfer switch quickly, however, you must press the clutch and let go smoothly.

Tips To Keep Your Car Running in the Cold

The car moves in the right direction, and it is necessary to pay attention to what: in the middle of the lane surface, and near the roadside and directly in the middle of the road is made of snow. If run over one wheel on such coverage, the result is almost 100 percent chance of skidding and machine, easily expands to 180°, and maybe end up in a ditch. With those banked turns are not always cope experienced driver, not to mention the new employees. The same result would be and upon arrival on the sidelines, and through mounds of snow at high-speed. Therefore, when such obstacle, smoothly reduce speed and pass it.

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