How to seal the seams interpanel

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Why you need to seal the seams interpanel? From what work is encapsulation? When the outside to seal the seams better professionals? Why? The seal? Which solution is taken for decoration? Do waterproofing?.

The inhabitants of various panel houses a small repair problem. Interpanel joints periodically require a new seal. If you do not hold it in the home will decrease the temperature increase humidity and street noise will be heard. Comfort of accommodation as a result of falls, and visit the house mold.

The defects of the walls over time will also appear. However, sealing the joints between the panels hosts can only inside – outside working in multi-storey buildings are held exclusively by professionals – industrial climbers, for example.

Technology sealing seams interpanel house always helps conservation of heat and prevents the destruction of the materials. The scope of work includes the removal of the existing finish, sealing compounds with special materials, sealants, and then finish. Waterproofing, of course, also carried out.

Living on 1-2 floor joints can be repaired interpanel and exterior, the benefit of small height. Over the upper floors still trust the professionals. You can get it and from the balcony to the seam, but this event is dangerous. Old finish eliminated punch with a special nozzle or a chisel and hammer. By removing the old finish seams, clean brush, then rinse cloth.

How to seal the seams interpanel

Small, 2 cm seams compounds may be stopped ordinary sealant. In prepared joint space is filled with sealant, after which it is compacted further hands, using a spatula. The deep and wide cracks are sealed with foam. It is also applied after the preparatory operations, but the surface is moistened beforehand. Foam or sealant must be sure to flush with the wall, without giving beyond. Finishing is performed when the foam is frozen – in a day.

After sealing, as mentioned, conduct finishing seams. Apply for this mixture of tile adhesive and cement. This mixture provides a stronger bond and has a low probability of cracking. The solution is applied solely to the hardened sealant or foam. When the mixture is dried, which takes about a day, it can be done waterproofing.

Waterproofing is selected according to the temperature changes and stress on the wall. Earlier seams waterproofed rope impregnated water-repellent substances. But today sold special waterproofing agents, mixtures that are successfully applied independently. However, the weather for waterproofing choose dry and warm.

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