Improving the reliability of metal doors

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The security and safety of any home depend on that front door set hosts, and the quality of the installation depends on the heat and the optimum temperature in the rooms. Therefore, in our time, most consumers would choose metal doors. There are many types of metal door: there is a door with a polymer coating that securely protect coverage from rust and scratches, and there are simple doors, stylized “under the tree”.

The guarantee of reliable metal door is three or more mm metal sheet, which protected the top profiles of varying cross-section. From the thickness of the metal and its quality depends on how well the door to protect the House from uninvited visitors. In the large holes is recommended to put a sliding door with 2 parts, each part can be equal in size, this will provide you with an additional level of protection. Lower part of the door locked with locking mechanisms located on top and bottom, and a large part is a conventional lock.

Pay attention to the hinges, installed on the front door groups. If the hinges are not protected and are open, you need to provide additional door pins, which disappear when closing. The peg will prevent edge loops and will complicate the life of the robbers. To constantly lubricate door oiled, it is desirable to ensure the door special bearings.

Improving the reliability of metal doors

There are also hidden loop is an option for wealthy buyers. These hinges are hidden inside the door jamb, but because the cut will be virtually impossible. Plus they have a system of self-regulation: an if the door settle with time, they can be adjusted independently, preventing bias when closing.

No doors, no matter how durable and reliable they may be, cannot perform its functions without the proper locking mechanisms. There are two types of locks: mortise and overhead, the more reliable the first option because mortise locks solidly in canvas doors, unlike the Bills, which strengthens on canvas “overlap”. Mortise lock cannot just knock out, unlike the laid-on, that will increase the level of security doors.

Better to install the door immediately 2 lock. Firstly, so much safer, and secondly, any lock may eventually break and come into disrepair and not to leave the door open, you can use the second lock. You can also install a bolt, which open only from the inside. You should use it when the whole family home to uselessly no locks.

Better to set the locks of different types, so the attacker was difficult, and even impossible to break down your door. Substantial help in this case may become inexpensive castle with a large number of known malicious mechanisms, and a rare mechanism, perhaps even placed under the order. With this lock and burglar failed, because he would be unknown to its mechanism. Mortise lock must be mounted securely in a cloth of doors on all openings, not leaving any gap and not stagger when you try to close the door.

There are locks that have a protective mechanisms not only from the side, but the top and bottom of the door. Doors with this protective mechanism will be harder to squeeze, but the installation of such locks is pretty time-consuming. You can even put a traditional chain on the door to be able to talk with a visitor.

It is worth noting that the most important and significant disadvantage of metal doors is that they are poorly stored heat and pass a lot of noise from the street, but it is easy to fix with a few clever tricks, around the perimeter of the jamb secure the heater that also reduces noise when closing the massive doors. With insulation should be more diligent: attach thin and the door attach the thick is likely wrong close and wear locks.

In the cavity of the door you can insert different heaters to choose from: foam, polystyrene and sheathe with artificial leather or wood for extra protection. The quality of installation of doors, undoubtedly affects its sound-and heat-insulating properties. The empty space between the wall and the door jambs should fill foam, and to protect it from destruction, top reliably.

In the aesthetic purposes, these gaps can be closed. Usually mounted with powerful metal pins or mounting anchors. While their length must be sufficient to securely fasten the door in the hole and prevent her from settling near.

Safe locks for doors, Past the time when most flats defended the conventional wooden or metal doors or steel doors, easier installation and improve reliability, Any metal doors it is a metal sheet, welded to a metal frame, Due to the assistive tools of protection significantly increases reliability, And reliability of the metal door depends not only on the material, provides reliable protection of bolts from the mechanical action, How to choose the incoming metal doors Finished metal doors can set in increase the reliability of the design, eliminating the possibility of hacking the doors, Rugged metal doors must be welded with the bent profile, And so increase the reliability of the design canvas to force effects.

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