How to increase your balcony or loggia

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How to increase your balcony or loggia

Thanks to experts narrow and cramped balcony can turn into a cozy and comfortable extra room. Modern technologies allow to purchase additional centimeters to your living space.

The increase in the balconies – setting glazing frame outside balconies, which can significantly increase the interior space. Such an operation can expand the amount of 10 to 50 cm , at the request of the customer.

Work process does not take much time , take more training, but in order to repair work was done qualitatively – can wait .

To expand the use of the balcony a few options: increase the floor ( on the perimeter, front or side), and the sill ; + on the floor windowsill. The old structure dismantled , then the welding .

Strong and secure an increase in the balconies begins with the design of the project and the necessary miscalculations : measuring levels , removing sizes. In the course of using shape pipe , installed a reliable roof . But all of this detail , the care of which rests on the shoulders of professionals and specialists. Your task – the desire to make your home more comfortable and spacious.

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