Individual water types of wells

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Individual water types of wells – Due to shortage of drinking water or water for household needs is widely used individual water supply. For getting water out of the ground applied ” drilling ” . Wells are shallow – of sand and deep aquifer – artesian .

What is sand well

Sand well established in situ aquifer sand. Its depth from 20 m to 30 m Performance of this well is not high, but for a country house is quite sufficient . Used for drilling casing diameter 152 or 133 mm . The lower part of the casing is fitted with strainer to delay large sand particles . That is why the well on the sand is also called Filter wells . Shelf life of the well depends on the frequency of operation and the magnitude of the sand fraction . For fine sand it is small , as often occurs siltation well , the filter becomes clogged , fails. Well at this sand is from 2 years. Coarse sand does not clog the filter , and this well may serve up to 15 years. Continuous operation of the well – as a condition of its long life . Has meaning and power of the aquifer .

Since sand aquifer occurs unevenly , it is difficult to determine the place of its occurrence. Almost situ sand aquifer can only be determined by drilling. In situ aquifer sand filter is installed . Performance is determined by sandy wells groundwater level , you can not use modern high pumps . On individual water supply device , water well drilling .” Usually requires a complex system of water purification , as due to shallow water horizon may be contaminated with sewage. The advantage is the ease of installation and operation at low cost , as well as the ability to install without a license.

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What is an artesian well

This borehole involves spouting water. But few such wells . Assumed artesian wells more than 30 m depth of these wells can be more than 200 meters They are set on the limestone aquifer . Artesian wells to be more expensive , but also more productive in their purer the water as it passes through the filter natural natural limestone, do not dry out , have a constant water level .

Individual water types of wells

Artesian wells are equipped with high-performance submersible pumps . Here, the ” drilling ” harder they larger diameter – from 159 to 324 mm and greater depth . Installing an artesian well – 5 days or more. Because of the larger number of casings cost of significantly higher than the cost of a well in the sand . The cost per meter of drilling artesian wells consists of the cost of drilling, casing pipes , pumping , travel rig for drilling site . Chemical analysis of water is desirable to after a long pumping wells .

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