infrared sauna – Accessories for the infrared sauna

infrared sauna – Accessories for the infrared sauna In the category infrared sauna Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about infrared sauna – Accessories for the infrared sauna.

An infrared sauna improves your health and is conducive to the well-being. Everything you need to know, Light and heat are coveted products that we can selectively slow recharge our bodies. For almost all people, heat means comfort and health. Man, if desired, 365 days a year from the cold can escape with an infra-red sauna in your own home.

Who is wants to create an own cosy wellness oasis, at the he long enjoy, should look for when buying an infrared cabin on some qualitative characteristics.


Then the icing on the cake would you miss relaxed pleasure in the infrared sauna, you have the choice between different, individual tools and accessories.

Radio with CD Player for music lovers, ergonomically shaped backrest, or storage compartments for entertainment items. There are lots of accessories for infrared saunas. The Ferrari of the infrared saunas offers but something special: an aroma and colour therapy.

A light therapy miracle acts especially in dark autumn and winter months. Own well-being may vary with each color. Order not to strain the body and mind, one should stay 15 minutes at one and the same color. Depending on the choice of the colour show different effects on body and mind.

While the color for example stimulating and energizing red, is the color yellow motivating and reassuring at the same time. Green has a relaxing and harmonizing. Blue, however, regenerates and especially helps with insomnia or a restless spirit.

infrared sauna – Accessories for the infrared sauna


Combined with essential oils you can enjoy ultimate relaxation experience. They revive not only our sense of smell, but also release energy and inspiration. You can select from a virtually infinite selection of different scents.

Whether soothing and stimulating, by toning up stabilizing – there the perfect fragrance experience is guaranteed for every mood. Who can get enough of them, mixes the fragrances just freely with each other and created entirely new variations.


Speaking in the spa or home of a whole body heat treatment, one thinks especially of sauna, steam bath and infrared cabin.

Today, a range of body treatments is offered, which differ primarily with respect to the room temperature, the humidity, the recommended application time and the relationship of the entry of heat via convection air and infrared radiation. According to the strain on the cardiovascular system to be judged very differently.

Other accessories for the infrared sauna

Who for the infrared cabin brand equity building decides has spoilt for choice with the accessories. Wood door or glass door on the right bank slats, headrests and cushions for relaxing sauna to the suitable ventilation grid and the ergonomic backrest.

The infrared sauna is properly installed, you should get an hourglass and a thermometer. With the latter you have the temperature always well in sight. At the hourglasses, one can usually between different maturities (15 min, 30 min, etc) choose. Thus, to determine the desired length of the bathing at the same time. There is still not enough, the hourglass can be reversed course again after the first run.

Especially also handy: the aroma pot, for example, terracotta. Hanging them on the spot. It quickly evaporate water and fragrances and give the desired flavor of the cabin. This is also a simple aroma Cup made of stainless steel. Hourglass, thermometer and aroma pot available in the practical set.

For the full enjoyment of course massage brush and massage gloves may not be missing. With a salt scrub or a special SOAP you can do good his skin. Because the partner may hold here then ever, to cleanse the skin thoroughly and peeling or SOAP, natural trace elements back to give her, or to remove dead skin cells quickly and effectively. It is also stimulating and blood circulation and provides the skin with natural minerals and vitamins.

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