infrared sauna – Infrared cabin or classic sauna which is better

infrared sauna – Infrared cabin or classic sauna which is better In the category infrared sauna Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about infrared sauna – Infrared cabin or classic sauna which is better.

But there are alternatives to the conventional sauna. For example the infrared cabin. Called also infrared sauna or infra-red cabin. Speaking in the spa or home of a whole body heat treatment, one thinks especially of sauna, steam bath and infrared cabin.


Today, a range of body treatments is offered, which differ primarily with respect to the room temperature, the humidity, the recommended application time and the relationship of the entry of heat via convection (air) and infrared radiation. According to the strain on the cardiovascular system to be judged very differently.

far infrared sauna

Body treatments can, generally speaking, two different principles and objectives: On the one hand the stimulus applications in the sense (Finnish sauna, bio sauna, usual infrared cabin) and on the other hand the through-heating applications (low-temperature infra-red cabins, WAON therapy). The difference lies in the type of thermoregulatory response that each trigger in the body.


The metabolism is stimulated by the increased blood flow and temperature increase in the tissue and the supply improved. In the Federation, effects are achieved with a sweat you can rewrite with the notions of “Purification” and “Detoxification”.

Infrared sauna or infrared cabin: What is it?

infrared sauna – Infrared cabin or classic sauna which is better

This method, which is used in low-temperature infra-red cabins, has compared to the traditional body treatments such as sauna, steam bath, a different objective, which can contribute to the relief especially in musculoskeletal complaint images or related to metabolic disorders usual infrared cabin, etc..

The infrared sauna is an alternative to the classic Finnish sauna, which aimed in particular to persons who feel very stressful and exhausting out the sauna and therefore looking for a relaxing and gentle alternative. The heat in an infrared cabin will be created using special infrared heat. Based on the mechanism and the effect there are some differences to the classical Finnish sauna.

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