Innovation living rooms at the lowest cost

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Innovation living rooms at the lowest cost

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house and this must constantly work to innovate and cost less .

If you have children or you are an amateur animal husbandry at home , the idea of ​​the use of hoods for chairs and sofas are a good idea, with the change at the same time the colors used in these covers , in order to renew the living room and let these blankets beige or taupe to withstand frequent use

Possible to use ivory pillows and large dark gray or the same color lids or that we are using the colors intertwined with each other that interfere with each other , even serve as a Buff to sit on the ground , and so we may have some renewal in the living room .

If you have a rocking chair has a wooden frame rate of less than upholstery it is better to use as cover the couches when renewing cover the living room and that the reverse was true we are using the average – size pillow assigned on the back that we are using colors Previous itself .

If you want to not spend money on blankets you can use pillows and ribbons of different colors are placed on the back of sofas will be given a new impression .

Also, you should change the colors of pillows and photo frame and floral or any works of art in order to fit in with the new colors when renewing the living room as well as change the color of carpet was the same colors of pillows and blankets chairs and sofas in order to comply colors and fit in with each other and , as you put it over the carpet if the old ground the entire room covered with carpets.

In the case of the earth ceramic or wood parquet you can use a small rug to highlight the beauty scene when renewing the living room.

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