How To Install Carpet Glue Adhesive

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How To Install Carpet Glue Adhesive,Laying of carpet depends on the type of foundation, applied glue, etc. But in any case take into account when concluding his direction of the nap. Typically, the light should fall on him from the window to the door. In addition, the material is placed at right angles to the joints seem less noticeable. If applied picture, then its elements must necessarily be the same.

Carpet can be laid without glue. In this case it is necessary to exclude furniture on wheels to avoid displacement of the material.

Its edge at the conclusion should be a bit more (up to 7 cm), then cut the excess and give birth under the baseboard.
Carpeting Ceiling, smoothing roller, starting from the middle of the room to the walls. Locations in corners cut in the form of the letter V, and the door fastened metal lath.
In addition, the carpet can be put on a bilateral tape.
For this first tape sticks (basic resin without removing the top layer) as the WTO (cells) 50 * 50 cm. Surface measure to fit the space. Cut in the same way and placed on the floor, lifting the backing from the tape. For better fastening joints carpet laid to overlap the adhesive.

How To Install Carpet Glue Adhesive


The method of stretching carpet in mind mounting rails installed along the walls. This method is durable, but you must apply at the conclusion of assistive technologies.
On concrete floors, heated, etc.. cover completely fixed carpet adhesive recommended by the manufacturer. He applied dispenser as excess adhesive agent can spoil pile.

Article about how to make repairs.
Pre-prepared and carpet laid out by one roll to the middle. Apply glue to the floor, leaving a distance of 20 cm within the fold. Then stack cover and pressed roller, eliminating the appearance of bubbles, etc.

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