How to install the cornice

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How to install the cornice – Even before you hang the curtains, you will first have to think about what type of rails for this need . The product itself is defined interior space in which it will be located , and in this article we will talk about proper installation of eaves for curtains .

In most kitchens curtains simply fixed directly to the window frame . Whereas in the rooms made ​​use round eaves , and modern market abounds with similar products , and the choice of design options will not take much of your time . For the manufacture of such moldings manufacturers use metal, wood and plastic, and the design is a special brackets for hanging post, which in turn is located or any other ring clamp for hanging curtains them .

One of the varieties of round eaves cornice is very popular – string , and in this case instead of the traditional rod is used the most common metal string. If the window has a fairly complex form , then come to the aid profile tire rods , which are ideally suited for wooden windows .

How to install the cornice ?

To install any of the cornice you must have a punch or hammer drill , drill a suitable diameter fasteners , as well as roulette , a screwdriver and a pencil.

For proper installation of eaves need to follow some rules . As a result, under these rules your cornice will be harmonious look in the interior space , and will not cause discomfort during its operation . Keep in mind that along the eaves should overlap the window opening about 30-40 cm is also necessary to keep the distance between the top of the windows and eaves , which to a window can be opened easily , should be at least 5 cm

Wall-to- rod cornice and should at least be a clear space of 12-15 cm, thus you will achieve what you hanging curtains will not touch a radiator and a window sill .

Once you have chosen and purchased cornice, make sure you carefully read the instructions , which will be described in detail all the features of this product. You will also need to carry out his pre- assembly on the floor and make sure that you have the necessary number of dowels and screws. By the way, if the installation is to be a brick wall , then it is more logical to use dowels instead of the cork tree.

Previously performed on the wall markings and marked with a pencil space for mounting brackets of the cornice . After this happens drill holes , and laying them in the dowels . Brackets are secured with screws, and set in place the rod with rings.

How to install the cornice

Installing ceiling cornice

Also need a little touch on the theme fixing cornice to the ceiling , as in some cases it is assumed eaves ceiling mount fixtures and such is of three types: oven rack mount directly to the ceiling , hanging frames on multiple suspensions , and mounting using brackets . Do everything as carefully , especially if you have ceilings .

Installation Procedure ceiling cornice has virtually no differences from technology installation brackets to the wall. Again, in the style seating fixtures , consider the distance from the wall of the cornice of the future and its position relative to most of the window opening . Following the markings made ​​drilling and plugging them dowels or plugs. Otherwise, the binding is similar to the consolidation of the cornice to the wall.

Often when buying a cornice and after opening it turns out that some fasteners missing. Therefore, in this situation, you can help special anchors with internal thread , and such compound will be much stronger than the connection screws.

After reading this article , you can easily install yourself cornice . The only thing you need – a set of necessary tools for the job .

How to install a cornice


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