Installation and repair of electric water heaters

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Installation and repair of electric water heaters-There is a variety of equipment for water heating. Gas water heaters can not fix yourself – it is better to entrust this work to professionals. breakdown electric water heater can be removed and himself.

Electric water heaters

The main part of a water heater – tank in which water is heated. The main enemy of the tank is a scale that gradually, over many years, accumulated on its walls and reduces its effectiveness. Special heating element – heating element (tubular electric heater) may be located directly in the tank (shielded heating element) or in a housing (Soapstone heating element). Shielded heating element cheaper. However, he quickly rust and scum.

Care heater safety system

Safety system – one of the main elements of the electric water heating. Its central part – a valve which opens in the event of excessive pressure in the tank, arising due to overheating (breaking the thermostat) or a fault in the water supply system.

Have regular monitoring of the safety valve by turning the handle to empty the system and drain at the bottom of the valve. The safety valve also serves to drain the water from the heater in the event of repair or replacement of the latter.

Repair water heater safety system

The thermostat allows to adjust the water temperature in an electric heater. In case of overheating water safety system cuts off the power. You can re-enable it manually. If the safety system regularly cuts off the power, then the thermostat is faulty. If the heater does not work, you should first check the thermostat operation.

Cleaning the water heater from scale

If the water in your water pipe is tough, it is advisable to clean the water heater from scale about once every five years. During such a cleaning does not prevent the heating element is replaced, and the anode gasket rusted tank.

Installation and repair of electric water heaters

Before you start cleaning the water heater off the water and disconnect the power supply by means of the safety system. Open the hot water tap and loosen the nut draining hot water. Wait for the water to drain completely. If the tank is vertical, place him under any capacity for collecting exfoliated scale.

Preventive Care for electric water heater

If water-heating boiler, oil-fired or gas, consumes too much energy, it means that the scale formed inside the boiler and must be cleaned. Enough to put a special feature on the walls of the boiler and leave it for about one hour at 80 ° C. As a result, scale separated from the boiler walls and settles at the bottom. Will only remove it when the boiler cools.

Use tools specifically designed for cleaning the boiler. There are special tools for cleaning pipes and water heating system from rust and dirt. Enter the remedy into the tube through the upper radiator head blow, turn on the heating system for a while, and then wash it off.

How to Repair an Electrical Hot Water Heater

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