Installation of plastic pipelines under plate

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When installing plumbing, sewer pipes or heating pipes mounting are the most responsible. So much so that installation is often produced in several rooms with different layouts. It should also take into account a number of factors such as the condition and design of the building, water supply system, the technical characteristics of the alleged to use pipes, location of heating devices. It is recommended before mounting to hold calculation of necessary parameters of pipes for various premises, such as diameter, wall thickness, thermal conductivity, and other material properties.

Optimum temperature in the kitchen plus 18-20 degrees Celsius, and in the bathroom-plus 23-25, in the closets-plus 16-18 degrees Celsius. Often, these calculations are not made, resulting in different parts of the building heating appliances may not ensure uniform heating temperature.

For installation you must first get approval from oversight organizations that most likely will be able to rid the consequence from many problems, perhaps they will also be able to recommend the company to carry out installation works with the best reputation.

Plastic pipes under the plate- characteristics of the installation

Installation of plastic pipelines under plate

When mounting plastic pipes under the plate must comply with the following conditions:

  1. the cross-section of the ducts shall be the same;
  2.  sewage system is not allowed to rotate to an angle of 90 degrees;
  3. slope should be minimal;
  4. between parts of pipelines (tees, etc.) should be a distance of 2-3 mm;
  5. joints (elbows, couplings) are not permitted in the coupler;
  6. new sewage system must be outputs to the possibility of sweeping or audit;
  7. no concrete pipe and fittings to enable fast replacement due to damage.

Plastic pipes recently are finding increasing application in water supply, heating, sewage systems. Sewer plastic pipes have a good air-tightness, ease underneath the mounting plate small.

Plastic pipes have a smooth inner surface, which leads to low clogging and lack of necessary cleaning and, consequently, to increase service life. Pipes of this type isolate stray current, just installed and assembled without the use of welding plants and expensive materials.

The most widely used plastic tubing with wall thickness of 3.5 mm. For sewer pipes and apply products shaped profile with extensions and sealing rubber rings to better seal the pipe connections.

For installation under the plate of plastic piping in the building must be carried out at the openings and niches under the sewer system. Previously produced issue, with Assembly required in riser, taking into account the existence of different slopes. You also need to bear in mind possible slight elongation of plastic pipes Ecoflex from heated, which could be wrong piping system, which makes it necessary to leave a gap of about 8-10 mm between the extension and the face of the plastic pipe. In the case of minor inconsistencies axes in the build process uses a special rubber ring. If during the installation of plastic pipes under the plate curvature of the riser or pipe bends, tube wall should be reduced. If the curvature occurred under a coupler, You must use the Special Tee has 87.5 degrees angle.

The main disadvantages of plastic pipes and fittings include high sensitivity mechanical effects and ease of ignition. To address them, as well as protection from rodents and mold it is recommended to cover pipes. Plastic piping mounted under the coupler efficiency far superior to common iron.

Installation of plastic sewer pipes under the plate allowed. It should draw attention to a number of specific points. The article focuses on plastic pipes, their characteristics, advantages and ways of installation under the plate. Installation of plastic pipes under the plate. Installation of polypropylene pipes under the plate When repairs bathrooms often use the technique of hidden,Installation of plastic pipes under the plate. The main element of a water-pipe, the water drain, heating installation of the heating system.

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