Installation of wooden bunks

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Installation of wooden bunks – Wooden wall paneling is used for finishing internal and external surfaces of walls and ceilings in both residential and non-residential facilities .

Installation of wooden bunks typically produced :

cottages and private homes ;
dachas ;
apartments ;
baths and saunas ;
gazebos .

Since the boards lining made ​​from natural and environmentally friendly material, siding as a building material is safe for human health. In rooms , decorated inside lining, thanks to its perfect heat and sound insulation properties , as well as the warmth of natural wood, saved pleasant micro climate .

When installing wood wainscot indoors it allows to hide defects in the walls and ceilings – initially uneven surfaces with multiple disabilities acquire rigorous and perfectly smooth look. This greatly simplifies the training requirements for interior walls and ceilings of the house to finish.
All this, as well as ease of installation and durability of wooden bunks continue to attract a growing number of consumers who appreciate the atmosphere of his home in the first place naturalness and environmental cleanliness .

Today ‘s most popular clapboard is produced from pine wood – as the optimal ratio of its money, and because of the presence of pine wood  – volatile substances that are contained in the softwood and beneficial to the air the person’s airway . If necessary, the installation of siding in baths and saunas , as well as other areas with high humidity, such as kitchens, used boards from larch wood or limes .

For the interior lining the walls of residential and office space is often used boards of more valuable timber , such as :
oak ;
alder ;

Considered to be the most expensive wall paneling, made ​​of mahogany wood .
For those who have queries in easier , we should pay attention to the plastic linings .
This material has the properties of non-flammability , water resistance and durability. Plastic siding combines unique properties, it is very plastic and is easy to handle, quite simply mounted on the walls and ceiling and can be of any color .
Significant difference from the plastic lining wood – its lower cost .

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