Installation of heating in a country house

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Installation of heating in a country house For a start, before you start to mount the heating of a country or of a private house, you need to mount the Windows and roof. Today, traditionally the heating pipes in the form of hidden wiring, that is, they are placed in the floor of the room. Better to lay pipes in the screed on the floor.

If this option is not available, then to hold a country-house heating is most often applied to the gasket inside the walls. Very often the laying of walls used in the territory of the second floor, where the floor is made of wood; therefore, heating of a private house is best set before will be flooded with screed, then they will likely then would have to align, for this you will need to pick open the plaster and then correct conclusions.

Sometimes the installation of heating is performed in two stages: the first is made of special outlet pipe with a margin, then doing the plastering, mounted and connected radiators. A way to organize the heating of private homes would take much more time.

If in fact, the most profitable scheme of heating system of a country house this is based on the use of natural gas. Of course, the electrical system is easier to mount and cost this boiler is cheaper, but its operating costs will be significantly higher because of thermal energy obtained from electricity at times more than similar gas. As for gas, then you won’t be able to hold a gasification project and without approvals. It is not without reason, because non-compliance with the rules has led to a large number of deaths.

Installation of heating in a country house

In the case of gas heating very many prefer the classic schema binding, which do not depend on electricity. Connected, it is above all with fear failure of complex electrical equipment in a given from the experts, capable to solve this problem.

Modern boilers with microprocessor controlled too capture does not cause in agriculture people are not looking for more better efficiency, convenience and adaptability. That’s why the still very popular floor bulky boilers automation which is extremely primitive and not dependent on electricity. Basically it can only block the valve in the event of termination of the gas supply.

The scheme of such systems implies the presence of thick pipes that heat in the form of water moves by gravity due to the difference of gustin of the cold and hot water. There are other heating circuits. All they can operate without circulating pump. However, its presence increases the efficiency. In the case of failure it can be totally excluded from the system.


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