Installing underfloor heating in the new apartment

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Installing underfloor heating in the new apartment – Of all types of heating, such a system creates the most beneficial to human health atmosphere. This principle was used by the heating in the famous Roman Baths and Turkish baths: hot air is passed through the stone floor through certain channels, thereby heating the granite slabs. In the early twentieth century, with the advent of pumps, invented heated floors, in which water was used. A little later, with the spread of electrification in flooring heating cables have been used.

At the time of Queen buildings builders builders and other suburban towns used variants of the device of the heating floor system: water and electricity. Variants differ in equipment batteries, meaning there is a heating or direct action, or with the possibility of accumulation of heat, which is very important if there is a discounted rate for electricity, usually at night.

Floor heating device of electricity is very simple: the heating cable, insulation, screed and thermostat. Coupled with a suitable floor covering and they form the very system that will add coziness and comfort to any home or apartment.
An important difference between this advantageous from other heating devices, mainly consists in the fact that it can uniformly heat the entire room. While conventional radiators, convector heaters and create a restricted area near the heater itself.

“Warm floor” on the water is advised to install a private house, where heating independently, because in case of leakage or breakage, eliminate problems arising in the apartment will be very problematic and troublesome. Instead, the system will allow the water to save on electricity.

In the case of electric floor restriction on installation no , it can be safely mounted absolutely everywhere, regardless of whether the heating system, and thus to use its undoubted advantages such as temperature control or safety shutdown in the event of a disruption in the network.

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