how to insulate exterior wall highrise apartment

how to insulate exterior wall highrise apartment In the category Home Insulation Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about how to insulate exterior wall highrise apartment.

how to insulate exterior wall highrise apartment -How best to insulate the walls inside the apartment ? -Currently, comfortable accommodation in the apartment was the paramount criterion in the selection of the housing . Modern construction techniques now allow to build houses and buildings with energy-saving elements . This suggests that the insulation performance of such structures are at the highest level. But unfortunately , not all the houses in which they live townspeople possess such qualities , because these technologies have been used as fifteen years ago. And what would you do to create the inside of these houses comfortable accommodation ? Yes just spend wall insulation inside.

Virtually all experts in one voice say that if there is a choice as to insulate an apartment , that is inside or outside , it is best to give a preference for the second option. And if your apartment is located above the third floor , and besides, it is a corner , there can only be used the first option. Should immediately mention that the use of internal insulation option would reduce living space , because insulating layer takes some place , besides it will have even stoning , for example :

gypsum boards ;
decorative panels ;
or other materials.
And it is a minus . But the disadvantages of internal insulation of apartments do not end . Much depends on the outdoor temperature . Especially for sub-zero temperatures. For example, at -18 º C concrete wall apartment buildings immediately freezes . Accordingly frost hits the insulation that will sharply reduce its physical and technical and operational characteristics , that is, the whole system will cease to work effectively .

Many people may ask the question , but what was earlier in apartments without heat insulation ? Yes, the thing is that the installed insulation system will protect itself from the wall heat generated by the radiator heating system. Ie wall left without heat , that’s the whole problem.

But at a temperature of from zero to +10 º C between the wall and the insulation will be collected condensate, which also affects the quality of the thermal insulation system . It’s actually a big problem when it comes to the question of how to insulate the wall from inside the apartment . Therefore, to achieve efficient operation of the entire insulation system , you must follow some rules .

In that case , if the ventilation is working poorly , it may lead to the formation of condensation in the corners of rooms , and this ensures that in these locations will form colonies of microorganisms type mold or fungus . Moreover, in such an apartment would be stuffy .

Many ordinary people who decide to spend the insulation inside walls with their hands in order to avoid unnecessary costs , are starting to do this process without getting advice and tips from experts , or collecting the necessary information about the process.

how to insulate exterior wall highrise apartment

Hence the errors that lead to incorrect execution of all works connected with insulated walls . Yes , used for insulation material such work is divided into groups , each of which necessarily correspond to the material of which the walls of the house were built . What does this mean ? All the matter is that , for example, to a brick wall is necessary to use a heater which can not be used for concrete walls .

You can lead a small example which insulation materials used in various homes. For example, for a brick wall would be the best foamed polystyrene . Gorgeous insulation with excellent physical and technical and operational characteristics . But for the concrete wall is best to use styrofoam , but extruded . This is also a perfect insulating material .

Just to fit any concrete wall insulation, if on one of its surfaces will be attached and vapor. For example, a foil. Incidentally, the insulation must be laid so that the vapor barrier layer material is placed on the inner side, that is on the room side.

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