How to insulate the metal door

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How to insulate the metal door

Today, the majority of owners who want to reliably protect your home from burglary , mounted on sturdy metal entrance door , which also protects the owner against the ingress of cold air and noise . When choosing a metal door , of course , the best thing to focus on this design , which already has a built- Insulating element .

But sometimes the buyer unknowingly acquires and installs poorly insulated metal door , or for reasons of economy purposefully chooses door with no insulation. In this case, he himself will have to be taken care of how to insulate the metal door .

The proposed domestic market metal insulated door designs , usually by means of fillers specifically designed for this purpose. Currently, the most popular are the following types of thermal insulation material :

Construction of mineral wool ;
filler stone wool ;
conventional foam insulation .

In addition to this, any metal door should have a rubber ( foam rubber ) seal , which ensures silent operation of its closing , and prevents the room cold air flows from the street or driveway .

In addition, the high efficiency of the insulation from the external environment can be achieved by filling with foam all the technological gap structure. Note that polyurethane foam performs in this case the same function as a conventional heater.

What will it take to work

The basis of door design is known to be a simple metal frame of a type of profile material , which is welded to the front of the conventional iron sheet. This door can serve as a good safeguard against hacking, but to protect the apartment from the ingress of cold air it can not .

Thermal insulation foam

For such insulation door best suited Styrofoam panel having a thickness corresponding to the width of the profile frame . In addition to panels , you will need the following consumables :

Self-adhesive foam (cushion ) ;
sandpaper ;
Self-adhesive film ;
fiberboard ( MDF ) ;
sealant .

As for the working tool , then you will have to work to prepare a set :

electric jigsaw ;
electric drill ;
screwdriver ;
knife – cutter ;
pencil , ruler and tape measure .

How to insulate the metal door

The conduct of work

The main thermal insulation composite operations are usually carried out in the following sequence :

1 – Proper insulation  begin with the removal of all sizes with the purchased leaf (with profile ) . At the same sheet of hardboard , prepared you for finishing the inside door frame must completely cover the entire door profile . On the prepared sheet so celebrate placement of holes for the lock and the ” eye “, and then cut them out .

2 – After this, the space on the thickness profile of the carcass fill purchased foam panels , cutting it to size and fixed to the metal surface of the door with silicone adhesive .

3 – On top of the previously prepared by anchoring sheet fiberboard , which use special screws, chipboard screw- through to the profile. Screws evenly distribute throughout the profile , and the edge of the sheet fiberboard treat then with a knife and sandpaper.

4 – At the end of treatment may be either masked door sealing foam . To do this, take the finished roll of foam rubber , and ( taking off his pre protective film ) hook it to the frame.

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