How to insulate the walls of the apartment

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How to insulate the walls in the apartment – so here’s a question more and more people are given high-rise buildings , when it next winter . If the house wall is too thin , which can not provide the necessary insulation, is not as specific Gy air heaters and this would still be insufficient to provide the desired heat. Typically, the apartment is not because of a bad cold, heat , and because of too much heat loss . Therefore it is necessary to resort to more drastic measures that will allow the maximum to keep warm .

There are currently two options – it’s outside wall insulation and wall insulation from the inside. Optimal, in the repair of apartments on their own, of course, is the first option , because it allows you to constrain the cold on the border of the house , resulting in lower cooling the wall itself . However, not always possible to insulate the walls of the apartment from the outside , so you have to do it from the inside. In any case , it is necessary to consider both.

Wall insulation outside the apartment

Usually the outside of the insulation of the walls with their hands can not carry out , because this requires special permits for work at height and so on. Therefore it is necessary to seek professional help . But in any case it is important to know how it will Thermally insulated wall . In fact, the external insulation is to build a special insulating layer of foam , cork agglomerate or similar utepletilya , which is then covered with a special mesh cloth , primed and smeared waterproofing agent. The effectiveness of this method is very high, but there is one thing. To get rid of a significant loss of heat , it is necessary to isolate the entire wall , not just that portion , which accounts for your apartment . So it is better wall insulation from the outside to carry out collectively , though local measures tangible results .

Wall insulation from inside the apartment

On the inner side wall flats insulated in the same way as with the external . Preparing the foundation , is taking steps to hydro-and vapor barrier , built up a layer of thermal insulating material. For these purposes, virtually any suitable materials from mineral wool and ending thermopanels . You can also choose from several choices of finish: drywall , or cover with plastic insulation , putty , primed and wallpaper paste , others . However, we should bear in mind that if you follow the insulation is illiterate , the so- called dew point can get to the inner surface of the wall. All of this will inevitably lead to the fact that on it will have condensation , the apartment will increase humidity and mold will appear from which you can compete successfully only if we can get rid of the causes of its emergence. So before you take yourself for wall insulation from inside the apartment , although you need to consult with experts on the subject of how best to do it in your case. After all, the desire to save could eventually lead , however, to a new line item .

How to insulate the walls of the apartment

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