how to insulate windows from cold

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How to insulate windows

Before the temperature drops below zero, we can check the status and think about how to insulate windows, making it fast and efficiently. After all, even the windows, seemingly good quality can pass air.

In the old windows, especially made of wood, over the years the use of cracks appear. At first glance, they are not visible. However, approaching them, you can feel the cold winds coming through the house from the street.
As a result, the room will be cooler, which increases so do our heating costs. It is believed that purged window frame may cause heat loss to 25%.

Air may enter through the gap between the inside of the window frame and glass or between the frame and the wall. Many years this problem has liquidated putty.
Today, we have more good modern tools that allow you to restore the tightness of the windows. Windows can insulate themselves rather simple way. Before you begin, it is necessary to precisely locate problem areas.

What to do?

Most are slit at the junction of the glass and the frame. To eliminate them perfect neutral silicone. To insulate the windows, we start with a thorough cleaning edges.
This is best done with a damp cloth soaked in salicylic alcohol. After cleaning the surface must be thoroughly dried. For this purpose we can use a paper towel.

Required sealing silicone is in a special container which is called cartouche. It is better to choose a colorless – layer it will be virtually invisible.

how to insulate windows from cold

So do we need a special gun for silicone. Before you can use to insert a cartridge into the gun, remove the plug and cut off the tip. On the cleaned area nanosim product squeezing along its interface with the window sash frame so as to penetrate as deeply as possible into the slot. Within ten minutes to remove the excess with a special spatula.

How to insulate the window frame at the junction with the wall?

The problem can also be at the junction with the wall or frame, such as a window sill. With large gaps perfectly cope acrylic sealant or polyurethane foam.
Foams are available in aerosol dispenser with facilitating the application. Remember that after the application of the foam expands. It loses its properties in high humidity. So do not put too much of it well-ventilated place in the process. That’s it. Now insulate the windows for you will have no difficulty!

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