insulation blanket for water heater home depot

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insulation blanket for water heater home depot


Insulation and savings .

The main objective of insulation – to get the water heater to heat the water , not the air around the water heater.

High-quality insulation – is the key to reducing heat losses and operating costs.

Heat loss – it’s money being thrown out through the vent pipe. The water heater is usually installed in the room bathrooms. Hung closer to the ceiling. The heat released from the surface without actually warms any room where the water heater is installed, nor the rest of the room. All the heated air rises to the ceiling and extends in the ventilation.

You can not talk about one and the same time, heating appliances, if all other things being equal, they have different thermal insulation . Usually , the calculation assumes that the loss of 2% of energy used . But this only applies to the first-class energy efficiency of water heaters . Many sellers are low-efficiency water heaters modestly silent about this fact and deliberately mislead consumers . The actual heating time of such devices can be twice larger than that quality devices.

The use of ultra-compact water heaters can be justified only if they are purchased as a backup source of hot water and are used on a case by case basis.

Insulation thickness varies within the following limits : premium grade 110 … 70 mm , the middle class : 80 … 30 mm, budget class 0 … 40 mm .

Insulation thickness is a compromise between size water heater  and the surrounding layer. Super slim and super compact and , thus, there is no efficient water heaters . It is clear that the declared amount of the inner tank to reduce the impossible. The only way to reduce the dimensions of the cylinder is the reduction in thermal insulation (reducing its thickness) .

A clear indicator of efficiency water heater – the temperature of its outer casing during operation. If it is equal to the ambient temperature – all in order. If it’s warm – water heater has a low efficiency. If hot – water heater energy efficiency is equal to zero.

Ideally – surface temperature should not exceed the room . This means that the heater has no heat loss . But that’s the ideal. Figure is a horizontal line at ambient temperature. In reality, the heat loss is always present. The question is, how big they are . The angle relative to the horizon line shows the level of heat loss . The greater the angle , the less efficient thermal insulation . Direct angle of 45 degrees means no insulation ( heat loss is 100%).

Direct number 1 corresponds to the optimal level of heat loss ( 2 … 3 % ) Direct number 2 corresponds to the level of unwanted heat loss (5 … 7% ), Direct number 3 corresponds to an unacceptable level of heat loss (over 10%).

Not surprisingly, no serious manufacturer does not make extra- water heaters. To make such a device – not a problem . To make it impossible for this cost .

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