why insulation is important

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Why insulation ?

The main objective of insulation – to reduce the loss of heat during the cold period of the year and to provide a relatively constant temperature in the premises during the day when the outside air temperature variations during the year. Applying modern effective heat insulation material can be substantially reduced thickness and reduced weight walling and thus reduce the consumption of basic materials ( brick , wood , steel, etc. ) and to increase the allowable dimensions of prefabricated elements , as well as significantly reduce the energy objects.

In the construction of one of the most effective materials are fiber insulation . In the literature often the term ” mineral wool ” imply a glass , basalt and slag wool. This definition is true, as in the manufacture of all the materials used raw materials. In the production of glass wool – it’s sand, ash, limestone , basalt wool – is, first and foremost , gabbro – mineral basalt rocks , rock wool – blast-furnace slag – a by-product of processing of mineral rocks.

The basis of the process of production of stone wool is to obtain , by melting in a furnace of rocks ( diabase , basalt , limestone , dolomite , clay and other rocks of the gabbro- basalt and their analogues) , thin fibers formed into a uniform ” carpet ” , impregnated adhesive with subsequent heat treatment in the polymerization chamber where the final formation of the product. ( Slag wool is obtained from slags of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy. ) After that, the material is cut to a predetermined size and packaging.

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