How to involve children in decorating his room

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How to involve children in decorating his room?-The involved from an early age ,Once the child is 3 years old, it is important to involve him in decorating his room. He can choose his parents a few elements that will make up his room.

This will awaken creativity and comfort you when he will find there alone. A preteen, the child wants to show his independence. It thus intends to assert his personality in decorating his room. It is important to consider their interests as well as his objections to the risk of creating a family dispute. In addition, there will be more inclined to put in the order. From adolescence, he will handle himself the decoration and furnishings of his refuge, subject to security considerations.

How to participate?

Before its sixth year, the child’s room will serve as essentially playground and resting place. He will pick a few elements of his room, as his bedspread. It is also possible in a personalized photo frame drawings. Personalized wall or slate will also be a space for him where he will release his creativity.

Between 7 and 10 years, the child is very attached to his hero and favorite characters. If girls are princesses or rather fans of Hello Kitty, the boys, they prefer superheroes and cars. That said, other neutral themes can be used for decoration, like the sea, animals or nature.

It should deal with the development of the child’s room, the choice of furniture and colors, decorative items such as customized photo frames, bedside lamp, paintings and stickers, etc. The child will be well aware that his parents are also interested in its taste.

How to involve children in decorating his room

From adolescence, he chose himself as much furniture as decorative items as well as color and layout of the room, but within the limits of practicality and aesthetics.

The limits of its participation

While it is important that the child participates in decorating his room, he must also know that this involvement has limits. Color of the room furniture to choose from, you’ll always have your say as a parent.

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