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iPhone Repair

Apple iPhone – a truly iconic gadget, the number of fans is growing every year. However, as with any technology, it can break. If this happens – do not panic.

we perform such jobs as changing the display housing , rear cover , cleaning button Home, as well as the recovery of the board at the component level. In addition, we provide ” unlock » iPhone, software maintenance , installation related programs , assist in the maintenance and tuning.

What are the main causes of failure device? They are pretty simple – basically, it hit the water , drop , shock ( ie, mechanical damage) and similar household accidents that happen to anyone. So do not despair if iPhone broken. Recent appeals were as follows:

Diagnosis . Replacing the screen .
Came B / W.
screen Replacement
Home button does not work and the charging socket .
Diagnosis . After the fall of bent body . Crush the display .
Problems with slots .
Replacement glass. Diagnostic performance.

Work is carried out in a short time with the wishes of our customers. It is possible to carry out urgent repairs and iPhone in a matter of hours , depending on the damage. Studio ” All Hopeless” has a wide range of spare parts (displays , touch screens , sensors , cables , batteries , housings) .

At every service we provide spare parts and warranty. So, here are the main problems encountered during the operation of the phone, and how to address them .

Replacement touch screen and buttons

Touch screen is one of the most delicate parts , it explains that the reason that it often fails. iPhone touch screen can be broken , or it simply stops reading the touch of fingers. When the touch screen in working order , it is necessary to change the sensor glass , no other outputs .

Our specialists ‘ fix it ‘ in the short term will put a new touch , and Apple gadget is again fully operational .

Some keys (for example , Home) – often fail. This usually occurs because of moisture or falling gadget. In this situation it is necessary to replace the loop detection solder or micro cracks.

If liquid gets into the smartphone

Moisture is a very negative effect on the electronics, and it hit the device can cause permanent damage – contact oxidation and other metallic elements. At the same time in the future may develop corrosion, and the item becomes unusable . The service center iPhone is dried and cleaned.

On a positive result in this case is influenced by many factors, among which is an important time in which the product has been in the hands of professionals.

Troubleshooting the speaker or microphone

Another common failure , in which the necessary repairs iPhones at the service center – the failure of the speaker or microphone . The experts of our studio will determine the cause of the fault , eliminate it , and if necessary, replace the speaker, microphone or lower loop .

” Stuck “, disables itself

It often happens that the iPhone freezes or turns itself off . As a rule , it is the consequences of a fall, shock , water, or a software failure . This situation is also solved – enough to take the unit to a service center Apple.

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