Do it yourself Jeep roof fixed crane review

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When building an SUV, be guided by the requirements developed over the years by fans of extreme tourism. A real SUV should have: a large clearance (at least 220 mm), a traction engine (better) with protection from a hydro-impacter, a hydro booster steering wheel, a shock absorber on the steering trapeze, wheels measuring 31 or 33 inches, locking differentials, powerful power rapids and bumper, powerful tow hooks, winch, protection of units from the bottom, large roof, large roof,

Start with the wheels. 70% of the off-road qualities of the car depend on the size of the tires and the pattern of their tread. In addition, large wheels save the suspension from strong blows, allow you to get out of the cargo or tractor track, increase . When choosing tyres according to the tread pattern, focus on the size of the ground. In most cases, when installing large wheels on the SUV, you will need to lift the body.

Search for Jeep Wrangler TJ hard top car category. Jeep roof falling elevators. Storage and often overlooked aspect of owning a jeep, and raise the roof fixed and reliable is the must-have accessory for removing and reinstalling Jeep unlimited hard drive my Jeep fixed ceiling lift this lifting hard top is simple I made for my 05 LJ up hard. Jeep hard top hoist I purchased your Pocket fixed roof storage Dolly online, securely fixed ceiling door lock your back before you put them on the vehicle.

Lift the suspension. If the SUV is framed, lift the body above the frame by installing extended-sized sedicted. Ordinary hockey pucks can be used as simpletons. This will improve the geometric traversal and will be able to install large wheels. Do not forget that the center of gravity will also increase.

If you want to collect a car with your own hands and register it with the traffic police, it is better not to start this process, because you will not be able to legalize transport. SUVs and compact crossovers created by garage masters remain only a means for riding on the fields. You can’t take the general roads in this car.

However, the enthusiasm of the creators of such technology is growing not by day, but by the hour. Every month there are new interesting materials with unimaginable alterations and homemade.

The basis was taken well-preserved frame Land Cruiser 60, Artem put on it the body of the minivan Nissan Caravan, to the front of which was welded “snout” Gaz-69. In the cabin it was decided to keep the original landing formula, where behind two stationary seats are folding seats. This “caste” engine of the SMH-409 from the Hunter and the transmission from Land Cruiser is driven.

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