kid’s bedroom – Good Ideas for decorating a kid’s bedroom

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kid’s bedroom – Good Ideas for decorating a kids bedroom, Finding a fresh idea for your kid’s bedroom is rather complicated. Train rooms, sports halls and space rooms are typical rooms you’ll find hundreds of houses. Want a theme of decoration not found in homes of their friends and one that is unique only to him. Good ideas for decorating the bedroom of a child include ideas that fit with their own style and ideas that he will want to show to your friends.


Good Ideas for decorating a kid’s bedroom

Bring nature inside for decorating a kid’s bedroom

Turn your bedroom into a space that mimics nature. Paint a mural of big tree on a wall, with Brown paint of tree and tree bark and different shades of green for the leaves of the tree. Use the same green tones in the bedroom furniture, to give a new look to each piece. Hang decorative camping gear on the walls as ornaments, including canteens and old lanterns. Maps and antique Atlas pages also add color and decoration to the walls, the pages of the chapter or directly hang them on the walls. Convert your bed into a tent draping of fabric from the ceiling around the bed or using a smaller shop that fits directly on top of the bed.

Sunken treasure room for decorating a kid’s bedroom

Use the theme of pirates to turn your bedroom into a sunken treasure room. An old ship wheel, fake gold, former lifeguard and lanterns make unique decorations when hung on the walls of the ship. Turn the wheel of a false ship on its side and hanging from the ceiling of a new accessory for the light. Look for accessories that work with the subject, as a Toybox shaped chest pirate and bedding with skulls on it. Furniture of old barrels are also working with the theme, like a Chair or a table from an old barrel. Wall or ship treasure map painted on the wall complete the look.

kid’s bedroom – Good Ideas for decorating a kid’s bedroom

Camouflage decor for decorating a kid’s bedroom

For a guy who loves the military things, creating a camouflage-style room. Choose decorative bedding camo or use camouflage only in the header. On an existing headboard camouflage fabric gives it a completely new look. Give furniture a new coat of paint khaki or dark green and shades of green can be used to make a camouflage that seem. Paint the front of Dresser drawers camouflage. Dark green and khaki accessories placed around the room’s work with the theme without detracting from the camouflage.

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