Kitchen this is our living room

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Kitchen – is not just a room for cooking and her own absorption . For us, it takes a more prominent place than for Westerners . Despite the fact that the global pastiche of their way of life is gaining momentum , for us the kitchen was and remains one of the most important rooms in the house . Unknown , through what length of time living takes primacy as space for meeting friends , socializing with family and as the room where the main part of home life.

Kitchen , by definition , is a public area where they eat , snack and coffee is brewed . On the other hand , it is an intimate place where the mystery of cooking , intimate conversations conducted face to face and organized holiday feasts . In any living room design is the starting point in the interior, considered the main bathroom. But in the end it all comes down to the fact that the cuisine from an array become the center of attention in most homes of our compatriots.

The current appearance of the kitchen form both major and minor components. But one thing always remains the same – the kitchen should always be functional , beautiful and comfortable .

If the bedroom headboard should look north , and should definitely put a fireplace in the southern part of the living room , the kitchen location for limiting criteria no . Device when it is necessary to use common sense and not contrived rules. It is obvious that the space is better to arrange next to the hall and in the distance from the children’s room and bedroom. And it is best to place on the same floor (if two-storey house ) , where the family spends most of the time . But it bears repeating that it is not a criterion , there can be exceptions . Some make a kitchen area in the basement space next to the bathroom and gym. As they say, whatever you like .

Lack of principle in the arrangement of the kitchen gives full freedom of creativity. So we can safely buy a built-in kitchen and create the situation that is most appropriate , both functionally and in a constructive way. Of course , do not have the stove and sink next to soap sprays do not become part of cooking .

Kitchen this is our living room

And although today the kitchen interior is quite different from that which was in the traditional home , modern appliances makes the space of the room is not only convenient but also cozy. On the other hand , because no matter what firm on the stove cooked food. The main thing is that it is cooked .

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