kitchen renovation ideas

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kitchen renovation ideas

As soon as there is an opportunity to kitchen renovation , we have to decide how it will be carried out repairs. There are three options :

Hire professional designers, a team of workers and leave to rest. It is quite expensive, and therefore not all choose this an attractive option .
Do -it-yourself . Cheap, but troublesome : everything to do by themselves, and quality is difficult .

Those jobs that do not require special skills to make their own, but the fact that technologically difficult – to professionals. For example, refurbishing furniture and wallpaper can pokleit itself, and the installation of suspended ceilings and double-glazed windows to pass on to the shoulders of professionals , that is, to invite the construction crew .

Kitchen . The place where the family gathers , where so comfortable to sit in a close circle of friends and just chat while drinking green tea. Probably , renovated kitchen to do so in order to feel warm hearth, to want to come back here .


With proper maintenance the kitchen walls of a small room can be visually expand the space and give a great comfort . Mentally going through the procedure of renovation of the kitchen , you need to decide on the choice of materials , keeping in mind that there will cook borscht, grilling burgers and wash the pan, which were baked buns .


The main thing is that it is necessary to carry out the repair of the kitchen , to make sure that it was the most convenient for cooking and eating, and for general cleaning , and in order to play bingo evenings . And it’s easy to do , if you look the information on our site, we have taken into account everything that is important to know about the kitchen renovation.

In the end, everyone will choose the option that will be able to pay .

The first phase of kitchen renovation : a plan

Any repairs must start with thoughtful design . The kitchen in the apartment performs many functions. Typically, this is the room for cooking and dining room, undress , and a small living room ( often happens after all the guests on the kitchen and do not pass ) . And sometimes it serves as office space or even a guest bedroom. In addition, almost all appliances of the family is in these few square meters .

That is why the project is the kitchen , consider the detail of the design work surfaces , the material for the walls and floor ( it should be waterproof , but it is easy to wash and clean) , the location of the working area and a dining table seating areas.

kitchen renovation ideas

The value of the dining table is determined by the size of the family. Optimal count the number of seats like this: all of their plus two more. So for a family of four is fine dining table for six , with one hand, he can stand against a wall ( when visiting guests it can move ) .

Cooking owner only one meter working surface. But on the kitchen table , usually accumulate some necessary items and reduce the free area . So actually work surface should be at least two meters.

Number of household appliances ( whether or not a dishwasher, microwave , Multicookings , bread machine ) is determined by the needs of the family and physical facilities . But under any equipment necessary to make points, to calculate the load on the cables , so the scheme of arrangement of equipment should be thought of from the beginning.

Sum of the lengths of all sides of the working space shall not exceed six meters. After all, this is a workplace lady of the house , which means that everything should be close and compact.

Second stage: the choice of materials


Requirements for floor covering large kitchen . It must be hard (after all, the whole family here and just marking time ) , moisture-resistant ( spilled a glass of water should not be a tragedy ) , easy to clean (the probability of contamination is much greater than in other areas ) .

Budget option in this case – the linoleum. Expensive – expanded clay floor tiles or floor tiles .

Linoleum manufactured by different companies and from different materials , but the most important from a practical point of view feature is its thickness of the protective layer .

Linoleum with a thickness of the protective layer and 0.15 mm is used for living rooms , where the load is small (bedrooms , living rooms ) .
The thickness of the protective layer up to 0.2 mm – for children .
The protective layer of 0.25 mm should be on the linoleum in the hallway or kitchen.
Linoleum with a protective layer to 0.5 mm is needed for office space with a moderate load.
Very thick and durable protective layer – greater than 0.5 mm .

Price linoleum, of course, depend on its thickness and the thickness of the protective layer. The kitchen will suit the most durable and thick linoleum.

Tile , which is scheduled to put on the floor , must be durable . According to this characteristic tiles divided into 5 classes . Most durable tiles 5th grade durability. Furthermore , it is important how tile becomes slippery when water drops falling . It’s worth checking in advance because the slippery floor in the kitchen – it is a constant danger of injury.


There are several options for ceiling coverings :

Whitewashing . Cheap, but not durable. In a wet basement whitewash in a few months can crumble .
Wallpaper. For the kitchen , they are not practical .
Suspended ceiling .
Stretch ceiling .
Ceiling tiles .

Fabrication and installation of ceiling are best left to the professionals.


Options for walls in the kitchen quite a lot.

Tile. Often used for the walls in the work area .
Wall panels . Convenient and cheap , but unstable .
Wallpaper. Purchase a washable wallpaper, which if desired can not just wipe with a cloth , but also to wash with soap and water.

Paint the walls .

Thus, the kitchen is best to choose from washable wallpaper and paint , as the wall panels are not strong , and the kitchen everything should be as functional.

If the furniture in the kitchen already is, as a rule, it is not transposed , but remains in place and after repair, because there is literally ” inscribed ” in the room. In this case, it just makes sense to upgrade.

Third stage: the performance of repair work

The amount of training the kitchen to repair depends on the size of the repair. If you decide to redo everything, it is reasonable right to remove from the kitchen all the furniture , equipment, and remove the cover floors and ceilings. In this case repair is best done in the absence of at least some of the family members ( children, elderly grandparents ) because everyone will have to eat at the cafe.

Lay the floor and ceiling mount is most reasonable to professionals. And your hands will apply wallpaper and refurbish furniture .

If the floor and ceiling in the kitchen is quite satisfied , you can not approach the matter so vigorously and remove only a dining table and seating (chairs , stools , sofa ) and modular furniture can not stand it.

Updating the furniture fronts

Renovation of the facades to make is not that difficult. The work consists of several stages:

To pick the right shade of acrylic paint . Many stores can be ordered free of charge a certain shade of paint and it will dissolve as it should .

Remove the facades .

For facade painting is better to buy a brush and roller. However when using roller paint lays down smoother , and you can brush paint over the place where the roller does not get it .
When painting it should be noted that the slightly rough surface will require more paint than perfectly smooth . Acrylic paint is dry about a day over the entire surface , and two days in all the hard to reach places .

Painted facades can be decorated in the technique of decoupage . But it should start only after the complete drying of all surfaces .
Painted facades should be returned to the place .

It may be worth painted in one tone with facades such ” trifles” as a cornice or arch entrance .
Wall-paper hanging

Of the modern types of wallpaper , not all are suitable for the kitchen. Types of water resistant wallpaper :

vinyl wallpaper – foamed vinyl or CD vinyl;
silk-screen printing – is also vinyl wallpaper , but with silk thread ;

washable wallpaper .

Old wallpaper from the wall can be removed without residue, the wall itself is leveled. Here we will not go about leveling ” trapped ” walls of drywall or work ” by rotating beacons .” Typically, these types of jobs need to produce professionals . A wallpaper is a fairly conventional fillers . It will level the roughness and irregularities.

After drying, the layer of putty worth going sandpaper. You can also use a grinding machine.

Once purchased wallpaper and the wall is ready and dry , it’s time to glue them ! It should be noted that the need for pasting a completely dry surface, as long these wallpapers will not last .

If, before this, the surface was painted with oil paint , wash it from dust . Then, on this surface can be pre- glued paper , as it is thin and well bonded . But then pasting wallpaper themselves should be postponed for a few more days to dry the paper.

The first piece of wallpaper glued on carefully calibrated vertical line , and then – back to back , with a fit figure .

Ironically, the way to papering the walls , there are many . You can just buy and stick the selected wallpaper . The stores sell kits for pasting wallpaper walls in two levels. Usually, they are designed in the same style and color , should be attached a narrow strip of curb.

The third version of the wall design also involves the use of two kinds of wallpaper , but they are usually not complete . One wallpaper pattern to the scene , and the second – a bright background .

Wallpaper with a picture of one roll is enough . Glued two cloth background wallpapers and one flag wallpaper with a pattern , then again two cloth background . Then insert frames are made in the future look like paintings .

Repair their own hands – a troublesome thing . But with proper training and organization of the result of self-employment will appreciate even more than at the order of the professional work team.

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