latest development of ink jet printers

latest development of ink jet printers In the category Printers & Printer Accessories Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about latest development of ink jet printers.

latest development of ink jet printers, The equipment, which is solder paste, for working with electronic boards in 10 times faster and more accurate dosing and conducts. This is a fast and high-quality device. The new equipment issued by the MYDATA is marked MY600 and could be up to 1 million. points per hour with high accuracy.

Such high-tech ink jet printer used for surface mounting, for the Assembly of complex circuit boards that can be multi-level, multilayer and flexible. This equipment can be applied to serial production-printers in this series on 50% more productive. The appliance can replace the classic dispensers and screen printing.

It is worth noting that this high-precision platform managed programming, it has practically no speed limit, so you can work with large amounts of speed. This printer works with printed and flexible circuit boards, different technologies. In addition to the high speed of solder paste proximity in ways that increased sizing range of points.

This technology is unique in that the device combines high speed, density and accuracy of the point of application. This equipment is able to conduct self-monitoring for amounts of pasta, pinhole diameter and repeatability of the process. Due to this, on each Board is enough solder paste is the best connection by soldering. If there are small dots, they are more accurate, but if you are making large dots, it increases performance by increasing the speed of the ejector.

Thanks to new technology has made it possible to quickly configure the volume and shape of the applied paste depending on the type of site. As the equipment runs completely on software, then it can work offline or in manual mode. In our country such ink jet printers for many years the company «dipol» receiving deliveries from manufacturers.

latest development of ink jet printers

It should be noted that this equipment is installed on 2-Chthon platform made of granite with a linear motor and super lightweight carriage which is mounting paste. As a result of this rapid movement of ejector is micrometer precision.

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