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Providing special requirements for injury safety, noise absorption, elasticity, high strength and durability of sports floors is determined not only by the parameters of the material.  In particular, the quality of flooring plays a big role. However, unprofessional installation of sports coatings can lead to their premature destruction and deformation. Of course, this will require additional funds for repairs or replacements
As you know, this sports coating has the optimal set of performance, thanks to which it is widely used in the equipment of gyms in schools, children’s institutions and sports clubs. High elasticity, injury and durability are the result of the layering of this coating.  For example, foamed polyvinyl chloride is used as a substrate base, the thickness of which determines the elastic characteristics of the material. In addition, the stability of size and strength are provided by applying a reinforced mesh. And the surface layer of wear-resistant PVC carries the main operational load and gives a decorative look to linoleum. The combination of materials of different density is determined by the technology of styling sports linoleum.
The construction of the sports hall requires a comprehensive approach, as in addition to the construction of the walls of the building, its full equipment, installation of sports equipment and laying of sports surfaces are required. Depending on the specifics of the sports facility, its flooring is made of various materials.
There is nothing unusual in wanting to turn your balcony into a more comfortable room. Apartment owners constantly strive to use all the facilities available to them. They erect a roof, insulate balconies and install glazing. Rather complicated and laborious operation is the construction of the roof, which requires special skills and knowledge. But for the owners of apartments on the last floors whose visor is absent-this is the only opportunity to get additional meters of usable space and create a secluded corner.
Starting a major overhaul in one of the rooms of the apartment to avoid unnecessary problems and do everything qualitatively, you need to properly distribute the stages of work. First of all the roughing is done and then the finishing.The draft finishes include the following types of work. Dismantling, replacement of windows, replacement of doors, screed, leveling of walls, leveling of ceilings. New wiring and new batteries also refer to roughing finish.
In modern construction there is such a concept as free planning, that is, there is an apartment that has a large area and only four bearing walls. And then the matter of your taste. But what if there is no possibility to buy a new building? Can be done in the old apartment redevelopment.The history of Reequipment of the surrounding housing or, in other words, the theme of redevelopment has more than a dozen years. Redevelopment has become necessary to expand the living area at the expense of storage rooms, loggias or balconies, as well as the combination of bathrooms with sanitary knots
Due to the high quality and beauty of the design stretch ceilings are becoming more and more popular. Ideally smooth canvas on the ceiling in combination with a variety of shades and drawings allows you to apply stretch ceilings in all areas. Even in the usual apartment stretched ceiling will be perfectly fit in the overall interior. The maximum height at which the ceiling will be lowered downwards, is less than 10 cm. In some cases, the ceiling will fall only 3 cm, so the difference is almost imperceptible. How is the installation of stretch ceilings? To date, there are three ways to install the stretch ceiling. This is: Garpunny, wedge and Cam. What are their peculiarities?
Construction of a sports hall at home – Despite the limited space, many residents of urban apartments, still find a way to organize in their own home gym.What then to talk about private houses, where the atmosphere itself, countryside and clean, fresh air, are in themselves be healthy factors and set up a person for a healthy lifestyle.The motivation to create a personal gym at home, can serve a variety of purposes. Someone wants to get rid of extra pounds, someone needs to keep their muscles in good shape, and due to the constant employment at work, many simply do not have time to visit the city gyms or fitness centers.

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