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How to Repair an LG Washing Machine Leak

One of the most unpleasant situations for owners of washing machines-unexpected leakage. And well if it is noticed at the time, until water flows out a bit. If this time Miss or ignore, the consequences can be very serious. Flood or neighbors can become expensive. Yes and you can bring to a State where need expensive and complex repairs. Even a small puddle is a reason for careful checking machine. Only this does not mean that you need to prepare budgets and call Wizards of service that will draw you a horrible picture “the hardest. In fact, most commonly causes leaks is easy to install and fix their own. With minimal cost. Without them. What should I do? Now let’s see […]

LG Washing Machine Sensor Problems

In principle, modern machines LG sensor (thermistor) is set directly in the heating element. So check the thermistor, and will then simultaneously. Remove the rear panel of the machine (unscrewing a few screws). Find at the bottom of the tank is inserted in him teng. Check the heating element circuit multimeter. To check the thermistor is the measurements of resistance at room temperature and when heated, it should be a decent difference. Thermistors are very rarely fail. Therefore, it is most likely that the problem is TJeNe. You will have to disconnect the wires from it and gently pull it out from the tank. Then a new heater and connects. Check the operation of the machine […]

LG Washing Machine How to Prevent Leaking Issues

Such situations often arise when owners have to urgently undertake anything with a washing machine. For example, you want to find out what broke, and without dismantling make this virtually impossible. But many assort machine incorrectly and therefore collect her subsequently so wrong that it can cause more serious problems. Today we find out how versed German mark Bosch washing machines, which are of good quality (as well as other German machinery), but are very expensive  […]

error codes LG washing machines LG Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Washing machines, made under the brand LG, have the ability to show an error code. Such codes can occur when different failures and any failures. They carry information about what malfunction prevents normal operation of the machines. And not infrequently happens that I realised what the problem is, people can solve it. Of course, it is desirable to repair, guided by a valid statement. As such a statement can serve as our site. It has a lot of information about independent fault eliminating many washing machines  […]

LG Washer Recall How To Fix Issues

Problems with the washing machine lock indicator, And correct the situation you need in the shortest possible time, LG washing machine-repair, Somehow strange even to remember that automatic washing machines seemed almost a luxury. How to repair a washing machine with his hands. How to disassemble a technique how to clean the filter, how to get rid of mildew and dirt. Causes of breakage of washing machines. washer stopped draining the water and so on, all the questions you can find answers […]

What are the problems most commonly found in LG machines?

What are the problems most commonly found in LG machines? Many faults are universal for all washing machines. More often than other brands can fail-filling valves, drain pump, the heating element. And “Achilles heel” direct drive from LG-seals and bearings. Now in more detail. First problem, then solutions. Cleaning a drain filter. It is located at the bottom of the front part of the washing machine under the lid and screwed into the chassis. Before removing the filter you need to prepare the tank for collecting the leaky water […]

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