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LG Washing Machine Drain pump

Drain pump and its compounds, Here’s a scan depends on the design features of the washing machine. To get to the pump, first have to sort out is whether there is a bottom at the washing machine? It may not be entirely or below installed thin plastic strip that is easily removed (example-LG, Indesit). When such design to access the drain pump enough just to put the machine on its side. Convenient? Probably, Yes. But everything is not so simple. In some machines the bottom pocket. And to get to the pump you will need to remove the front wall […]

lg front loader washing machine error codes

These are the most common faults like washing machines and dryers firm LG. most of them use the same notation error codes when they have problems. These washing machines LG error codes are described on the website in the form of a digital code. Set error washing machine water was unable to be filled with water. In essence, this error code is telling you that, for some reason, the machine does not detect water. The most likely cause of failure is a faulty water valve on old models without display the fault code is indicated by the lights […]

lg washer front load

FFFS5115PA steam ready Frigidaire washer feature gives you 10 different wash cycles and six wash options to choose from to download all of the laundry you can do washtob 3.9-cube-walk in. In addition, to address any type of laundry you have, you can get five different levels of soil to lightly soiled heavily soiled laundry. You chose six wash and rinse temperatures, including the option of sanitizi. The wash cycles 10, we were impressed to see fast cycle is a little different from similar courses in other washing machines. This wash cycle can wash a full load of laundry in just 20 minutes […]

Repairing an LG top-loading washer?

Repair, General information, advantages and disadvantages. Washing machine “Ardo” performed with vertical load. samsung , siemens, miele, beko, hansa, LG and many more. How to repair washing machines with their own hands, like the classic horizontal machines with vertical load. Types of washing machines-automatic machines with vertical load. Choosing a washing machine, we all proceed from any claims. Many people choose to repair washing machines with their own hands, its Clipper semi-automatic or device with vertical load. Vertical washing machine repair is required, with such staging disagree and have created an automatic top loading washing machine, Manual for LG washing machine parsing […]

LG Top Load Washer Error Codes

These washing machines LG error codes are described on the website in the form, The error code is displayed if the tank for some time, Washer has detected unbalanced load. If the display of the washing machine LG LE code is displayed, during operation at maximum load on the motor. Error codes and repair of washing machines LG Korean, Repair of washing machines LG because of failure of the heating element is another story. It really looks like Strong load on the engine. All currently known errors in automatic washing machines. LG Washer Error Codes for Top-Load Models These error code explanations can help you diagnose a problem with your LG top-load washer […]

LG washing machine error code-LG Front Load Washer Error Codes

Error codes when repairing washing machines LG Consider basic mistakes, FE error means that the water level in the tank, E3 error-occurs when determining load. For your convenience, we present an enumeration error codes LG washing machines with a breakdown of each Error loading definition. These washing machines LG error codes are described on the website in the form of a digital code […]

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