Lightning protection metal roof during repairs

Lightning protection metal roof during repairs In the category Safety repairs Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about Lightning protection metal roof during repairs.

That the process of repair the roof , especially in the volatile conditions of the atmosphere and when the rains descend the roof repair mission becomes difficult, and lightning and lightning during the repair process may cause damage to the ceiling for workers on the metal surface.

This is accomplished lightning protection from the ceiling by metal poles that are connected to the grounding system . Despite the fact that the roof itself can serve as a connector , it should be the same receiver . But what could have been the use of the roof as lightning receiving more completely , it is necessary that the entire surface, and it was a good electrical contact . Thus, all strings must present either strongly welded or bolted to the earth element.

Please note that in case of grounding arrangement, it is necessary to make electrical connection between the ground and part of the roofing.

In addition , it should be fixed on the metal roof securely to the rafters. The entire truss system , each wooden element that must be dealt with heat – resistant material . Must be due to the fact that a lightning strike directly to the metal roof can cause spontaneous combustion . The reason is that under the action of surface temperature , and it and the truss system , and very hot . For spreading less exposure to high temperatures on the rafters, and under the metal roof of roofing materials. They are not very expensive in terms of cost , but gives you a rough secure your home .

Lightning protection metal roof during repairs

It should be noted that when lightning struck a metal roofing can melt or burn through . Thus, when a very thin metal roofing may occur less soluble 1 mm deep. As a result – fire and roofing and roof system . Therefore, when you must choose the roofing materials to pay attention to the thickness and melting characteristics .

Based on the above it can be concluded :
Link should be a sheet of metal roofs be very strong between them is essential to the implementation of the electrical connection, fix it on the materials non-flammable . It is in this case, the metal shingles will set for itself lightning.

Please note that in the event of the implementation of all the metal work on the ground – is economically viable , it is possible to install a ground rod or column reception lightning .

In order to protect the house from fire, as well as to keep the working condition of all electrical appliances, it is necessary to build a lightning rod. Lightning rod consists of two parts: internal and external protection at home.

Internal protection is needed at home to maintain the integrity of the power grid under the influence of voltage from a lightning strike.

External protection is designed to ensure the safety of the house from fire.

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