linux smart home and home automation lighting control

linux smart home and home automation lighting control In the category Technology Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about linux smart home and home automation lighting control.

Everywhere these innovative techniques which offer full upgrade almost all operations at home, significantly expanding the unique capabilities of a smart home. To own and run a Linux Home Automation means of control devices and information about monitoring your home using a standard PC.

I have used Linux Smart Home technology to organize your home lights, sprinkler system, video, and now you’re looking for more of a challenge. If we are talking about the technology itself, then it will be today, such as:

  • X10, which, after a large update allows to realize most of the technical solutions. All this means a unique opportunity to link a variety of interfaces, which formed the basis for other technologies.
  • A high degree of comfort tires by type RS-48 or ComBus allows you to connect the nodes of arbitrary topology. The length of the bar may be on the order of 2 km, using repeaters and more.
  • Widely used interfaces, through which it is possible to connect almost all protocols currently used. The DMX512 and CEBus, LonWorks and European Investment Bank. High speed data transfer, at 9600. Baud, enough to control the automation of houses and even light at various events.

The level of “intelligence” depends entirely on the controller, which is to be used:

  1. Wild cat, Leopard,
  2. HomeVision،
  3. SM17 rapping.

Linux smart home, there is a wide range of devices that are different for Windows and Linux. If you are committed to using smart home technologies Linux to automate your home, you’re going to need some supplies.

linux smart home and home automation lighting control

Advantages and disadvantages of cable signals in IR. It depends on the properties that are present in the signals point VHF.

You can use the Linux Smart Home technology to automate many of the processes in your House running lights in the building of your video recorder. Modern technology, X10 is able to develop and launch controller IC, capable of understanding and delivery of network ten channels within the code of the House.

The principle is that the capacity of the transmitter to send the signal from the remote control to power cords than usual. The main advantage is its simplicity and relatively low cost. Also, you don’t need to use cables to connect the adapters, provided a sufficient number of devices for compatibility.

Among the disadvantages and key are:

  • NEW effort;
  • Possible intervention on power lines.

Today, the equipment that is compatible with this unit, the world’s leading companies produce almost all.

And with these controllers is not difficult to manage these processes as follows:

  • Alarm,
  • Sensors,
  • Household appliances,
  • Multimedia and other devices.

Expand the technological capabilities allows you to create a “smart” system that can detect even the audio signals.

The more progressive at the moment are:

  • Powerline in the United States, transporting the signals wires;
  • Instabus in Europe, decentralization, allowing all direct references.

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