Liquid tile features benefits installation

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More recently in the market of building materials has started a whole new floor covering-so-called live tile. What it is, than she is so unusual, and how it can be used in interior design?

Composition and characteristics

Liquid tile is not very similar to what we face every day, and which are so accustomed to. Its unusual has resulted in it became called as live or interactive, tile. All this is due to the fact that under the pressure of such an unusual floor covering begin to appear different drawings and divorces that really attract the eye. Therefore, if the tile and will not in the future, full flooring, it will clearly be popular as decorative inserts. Now liquid tile became a striking element in the design of cafes, restaurants, shopping centres and children’s entertainment venues.
All these tricks with bright colors, changing divorce and other optical effects naturally associated with an unusual structure and composition of the tiles. So, it can be thought of as a very complex multilayered sandwich, which consists of materials such as polycarbonate layer, substrate-shock absorber, reflector, gel filler, plastic lens and another layer of polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate, which is part of the liquid tile, not exactly the polycarbonate that we are accustomed to seeing in greenhouses. This is a more durable material that can withstand huge load. Gel, which itself is the basis and the competitive advantage of this tile is placed between two tiles made of polycarbonate, but even under heavy loads do not gel will leak as a special compensation Groove, which will time the excess gel.

Liquid tile features benefits installation

It was already mentioned that under the pressure of the tile formed interesting color effects, gel spreads in all directions, creating each time more and more abstract images. Why is this happening? The fact of the matter is that, as a rule, is used as a filler gel is a single color, and several that coexist in a tile, but not mixed due to the presence of special lenses. And when the tile is acting kind of power, the gel spreads in all directions, and that produces bright splashes, waves and drops.

But not only visually liquid tile-unusual touch it, too, is not the same as the traditional ceramic tile. So, live tile is always soft and warm due to the gel and special cushioning layer. To such material want to touch and walk barefoot all the time, so it is often used in bathrooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms.

Advantages and disadvantages

Liquid tile, in addition to everything else, has a number of advantages:
very sturdy and impact resistant, and walking on her heels will not lead to tragic consequences;
It has skid resistant layer, therefore, in the bathroom, for example, slipping on her difficult;
the moisture, so it is an ideal material for bathrooms and even swimming pools;
resistant to the effects of ultraviolet radiation, does not fade in the Sun;
completely environmentally friendly and does not cause allergies, not flammable;
pleasant warm surface;
has a very good indicators for sound and vibration insulation;
reasonably easy to care for-you just need to wash water;
the possibility of temporary installation.

But as a floor covering liquid tile we have yet to see. Firstly, it is still quite expensive. Secondly, to put its whole premise, you will need to prune it somewhere, and this is unacceptable, because the gel will leak. There are a couple of some shortcomings of this coverage: you cannot exert pressure more than half live tiles, otherwise the gel is nowhere to be navigated, and it starts to flow, and temperature settings exploitation limited parameters from 0 to +60 degrees. So now this is a great option to dilute regular tiles, laminate flooring, carpet or other flooring.

But such new item of decor designers have already improved. You can now use the liquid tile with white or transparent substrate, making it and lighter with lighting, with backing from the 3D film. In addition, the gel adds all sorts of elements of type stars, Phosphors, etc.-all in order to make the coverage even more original. By the way, live tile is suitable not only for sex, but also other horizontal solid surfaces, which are not affected by high temperatures and strong pressure. Therefore, it can be used to decorate a window sill, countertop, counter, etc.


Store tiles need only to perfect smooth and horizontal surface.
Very conveniently, the live tiles can be used temporarily, and to consolidate need only double-sided tape. But mounting on a regular basis is not very complicated and does not take a lot of time and effort.
Before you start installation of liquid tile, it is worth checking the quality of grounds: it must be firm and perfectly smooth, as even the slightest angle will cause the gel will not leak, and the Visual effect is not what should be.

Before laying the surface better primed to adhesion with the glue was better. To glue the tiles you want to use glue for PVC-coating and strictly follow all the instructions. If the distribution area is large, you can use and metal profile, in this case, then it would be easier to replace. To do this, use two types of profile-u-shaped. First fit the perimeter and fasten the tile, and the second is used to join two plates. Seams between tiles can be treated with a silicone sealant. Installation of liquid tile better not be under direct sunlight, but if this cannot be avoided, then it is necessary to provide for small gaps much material to grow.

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