Do It Yourself how to Magnetic Levitation Review

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Today, technological progress has reached such a level that it has allowed scientists to come close to the solution of the problem of creating a train path on magnetic suspension elements. They will drive without contact with metal tracks, but at no distance from them. The entire “focus” is built on magnetic in the levitation air, allowing the train to float in space.

Many believe that levitation in the magnetic field is a free path of a magnet thrown into space. In fact, this physical process is to overcome the forces of gravity by an object under the influence of a magnet. It has magnetic pressure from the magnetic field. In the usual language, under magnetic in space levitation it is necessary to understand that if the lying object is acting gravitational pressure from top to bottom, it is possible to create a reverse force capable of neutralizing the attraction. That is, the object levitates in the air.

Magnetic levitation a type of levitation phenomena in physics involving the lifting objects without mechanical contact with the ground. train science hobbyist and occasional exhibit designer for science museums. The multi-coil device was part of a prototype, maglev train how to orientate small objects in any direction using magnetic levitation. ppt projects pdf applications, how does magnetic levitation work trains are becoming a popular transportation topic all around the globe. experiment Learn about electromagnetic suspension.

In order to better understand the magnetic levitation in the air, you need to remember the school physics program. If you take two magnets and bring them closer to each other north poles, they will push off. When you zoom in on the north pole to the south side, the magnets will be attracted. The first experience allows you to levitate objects with a huge weight in space.

The concept of diamagnetic levitation

Magnetic Induction Lines In Physics Diamagnetic Levitation is the neutralization of magnetic pressure of the magnetic field from any object or object. From many experiences made with their own hands, it becomes clear that diamagnetism makes objects weightless in space. Moreover, such a process can occur in an environment with different temperatures and objects with different weights. An example of this is the experience with a frog levitating in the air. The animal was placed in a created magnetic field with an induction of more than 16 Teslas, and all saw a floating frog.

Mechanics without wear and tear The second direction of application of this phenomenon is mechanics. Many experts are aware of the short operation of ball bearings in mechanical nodes, leading to serious accidents and long downtime of production lines.

Today, in practice, this problem is solved with the help of a magnetic field. Scientists have developed magnetic bearings. Especially they are used in hard-to-repair places. In addition, magnetic bearings are used in nodes of vertical wind generators.

This makes it possible to turn wind energy into electricity without expensive maintenance and downtime. As a result, it should be noted that many of the processes described earlier by man in the works of the fantastic genre, are embodied in reality. The human mind will soon be able to implement ideas with plasma windows, laser curtains and carbon computers.

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