How do I maintain Plumbing Home

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How do I maintain Plumbing Home

– There are two lists you can rely on them when plumbing work home care , to maintain the non – clogged sink or toilet or water pipes .

– Use hot water or heated tap water over the fire and pour in the tub at once to melt any fat .. Then fill the basin in the last time and tend to leave the stopper water rushes strongly once.

– Do not put dirty dishes in the dishwasher , but after cleaning of food crumbs .

– Clean the filter tap small boat from time to time when you feel the lack of water flow .

– Clean the water tank to the toilet twice a year, during which closes the water valve and leave the water to flow profusely it once then added detergent inside of the tank with a small amount of residual water inside, then use a brush or cloth for cleaning.

– To ensure the flow of water in the bath tub or bathtub and not lock it , put a piece of cloth tightly to the refinery until the cavity is filled with water tend to find the cloth water flow smoothly .

– Clean the stopper from time to time and below to avoid the formation of sediment .

– Put bricks in the water tank to retain as much of the water inside.

– Do not throw diapers , hair or any waste in the toilet.

– If there is a water leak under the toilet you need to check the water pipes connected to the toilet tank or hollowed out .. If there are no traces of water on the ground around the pipes all you need only raise the toilet and loop mode new waxy around .

How do I maintain Plumbing Home

– To see water leak in the bathtub when you examine the shower walls installed by the presence of cracks or the emergence of ceramic abroad .

– Close the water valve when away from home for long periods of time .

– Not to suspend or any tool rack for decoration above the toilet .

– Do not dispose of soiled water in the toilet to get away from anything it contains or other fabrics .

– Do not pour hot water in the toilet so as not exposed to cracking .

– Maintaining the pipes and valves from rust and wipe with oil from time to time .

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