Maintenance Renault concern for the health of the car

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Maintenance Renault concern for the health of the car – French brand Renault cars are considered to be among the most reliable and undemanding machines. But this does not mean that the owner can ignore Reno such an important procedure in the ” machine life ” as a technical inspection. Maintenance intervals Reno regulated service book. The exact implementation of its regulations ensures a decrease in the intensity of wear and tear , preventing the occurrence of faults , increasing the life of the vehicle and ensure safe travel for you and your machine.

What is included in routine maintenance Renault? Before starting the inspection the owner complains about everything strange , knock , slamming that disturb his car. Subsequently, the cause must be found and eliminated. During the service actually carried out engine diagnostics, steering transmission, suspension , inspected , seals , dust caps , rods and bushings ; audited rear brakes , replaced by candles, oil and filters , belts tightened generator , check the oil level . If necessary, the replacement of parts. The bottom line is that if the time to notice the defects in a given node, the first rise guarantee your safety , secondly savings that would be needed in the event of serious damage .

Maintenance Renault concern for the health of the car

Maintenance Tips by Renault : The Battery

Recommended to show your car at least once a year specialist. However, you yourself can perform daily or periodic inspections to maintain funds on the go. Visual inspection of the vehicle , verify the completeness , condition of the body , glass, mirrors, door locks , shock absorbers, tires, wheels . You can check the engine oil level , the effect of the lights , signaling the presence of windshield . This simple daily maintenance Reno provide you safe travel . Pay particular attention to the need to check the car on a long trip , even when , say , the lack of windshield can be a problem on the road.

Another type of maintenance – seasonal – requires a change of rubber, oil change , touch-up , removal of chips and beetles , preventing locks.

Such simple manipulation along with Renault vehicle inspection service will extend the health and life of your machine. Treat your car with daily care, and he will answer you the same !

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