How to make a coffered ceiling ?

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How to make a coffered ceiling ?

Coffered ceiling is best suited for classic interior design . Caisson – that indentation in the ceiling , which has a variety of forms – the circle , rectangle, diamond , etc. Coffered ceiling is the ideal solution for old-style houses, where the height of the walls is about 3 meters. In rooms with a ceiling height of less than 2.5 meters to apply this ceiling is not worth it, because the design of the space when it moves down to a few centimeters. And if the ceiling is already low , then this method will simply decorating the feeling that the caisson is about to fall on his head.

Stages of registration caisson ceiling :

The first thing to do is to determine the right amount of material. To do this, find the center of the ceiling, and then draw a plan of arrangement of plates. Plans should be applied very carefully , because – it is necessary to measure the correct angles of a triangle . If the wrong corners of the room to step back a few inches from the edge of the wall and carry it along the auxiliary line , then the width of the ceiling to draw a number of lines as required for the location of rows coffered slabs.

Purchase of a decorative material . At this stage, you need to buy at the store vending decorative plates , made of wood-base material , veneered , which have a variety of shades and patterns under the “tree .” Plates are equipped with profile rails , which play a decorative role and function of the holder.

Installation coffered ceilings. In the center of the ceiling tiles fixed first . The keyboard is mounted on brackets  advance to the ceiling. Connection plates with the front sides should strengthen insert studs. They will hide the gap between the plates . For a complete fastening plates are used decorative slats , inserted in a slot formed between the plates ( not an end ) . In the process of laying and fixing plates to ensure that the veneer had a picture on the direction to one side at an angle of 90 °. This point is very important , the only way to create a harmonious effect and attractive appearance.

– The final stage – fastening strips along the walls to close the gaps.

Wallpaper – a design option

There are alternative design caisson ceiling is not using DSP, and using wallpaper. With this solution at the wallpaper paste beams, made ​​of cardboard , and as a decoration use the same veneer . It is important to compliance with bonding beams perpendicular to the ceiling and trim seal the holes formed in the joints .

How to make a coffered ceiling

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