How to make a foundation for the house

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How to make a foundation for the house

People baffled construction of the house was originally concerned about how to make a foundation for a house to serve as a reliable and solid foundation for housing. Wondering how to make a foundation for a house right to decide for yourself whether you will do it , or will hire specialists. It ‘s up to you . On the one hand , independent production saves money, but on the other hand it is very time-consuming process , which is better to entrust the special team, which promptly provide a finished basement , made in compliance with all production technologies. In order to monitor the process of building the foundation you need to know how to make a foundation for the house correctly. Its construction can be divided into several stages – marking, digging trenches , making formwork , reinforcement design , and finally , concrete foundation.

Now consider each stage separately. Start with the markup . Given the size of the building, you need to score at the corners pegs. All angles should be 90 degrees and the same diagonal . If diagonal differ in length , should shift the corner label in the right direction as long as the diagonal layout of the foundation are aligned . Now pegs stretch the cord and make the indentation width ask future foundation of the house . Then begin earthworks , namely trench for the foundation .

Depth of the foundation for the house depends on the composition of soil and climatic conditions, therefore this issue should read more . When the pit is ready, start manufacturing formwork for the foundation . It is made of planks and possibly sealed all the cracks that could leak through the concrete. This can be done using a conventional furniture stapler and parchment. So how to make a foundation for the house durable and withstand high loads without reinforcement does not work, then it will be the next step in the manufacture of a solid foundation . The valve must be indented by 5 cm of formwork.

How to make a foundation for the house

Reinforcement thickness of 10 mm or more. Reinforcement elements are fixed to each other using a binding wire or the welding machine . After producing skeletal foundation can begin to fill. This must be done in one go , avoiding curing solution. The most common is for pouring foundations composition of cement , sand and gravel in the ratio 1:4:4 . At the end of pouring the foundation is desirable to hide plastic wrap to maintain moisture and quality maturation concrete. On hot days, it is necessary to humidify and let it settle . Applied load on the foundation , it is desirable not earlier than one month . Once again, it should be recalled that the construction of the foundation for the house is a laborious process , which depends on the correctness of its durability and reliability , and hence the structure as a whole.

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