How to make stencils do it yourself

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Select the stencil technique to put at home impressive decorations with patterns and colors that you like. Before starting any procedure for the application of design stencils that you selected, you must properly prepare the surface of your wall. Repair damaged and corrupt points of order to be clean.

Prefer a gloss paint texture that creates a smooth surface and will become your plan better. Nevertheless in bathrooms and kitchens, spaces must be more resistant to dirt, allowed to use semi gloss paint. Obtain the appropriate brushes. how to make stencils for painting This technique requires thick or thinner brushes with flat front surface to DAB the plan. For large surfaces, you can still use it and sprays for smooth result.

If you feel creative enough and you know that you manage, you can use other materials to spread out the paint, e.g. sponge, cloth, rubber and even cotton. Each of them gives a different texture and depth to the design.

On the Internet you can find and order stencils already trimmed and ready for use or even uncut. This means that whenever you give out with the help of a knife and enough skill the piece the surface of the project that will follow. for spray paint Once you finish, you will proceed to the next.

Previously there were only small ribbed on dimensions illustrating plants or leaves. These plans are quite time-consuming and requires patience. Today there are rich collections with large-scale projects. In several of these can be used even roll.

Starting you should freeze the picture that will check with film on four 4 corners of. If it is big enough or if during painting feel that relaxes add extra tape. The move is one of the two frequent errors of technique of stencil michaels.

The second is the exaggeration in color. Do not immerse the brush in the paint. A little more color can ruin the whole project. Remember that this technique requires a dry Paintbrush. Before you touch the brush on the wall, remove the excess paint onto a newspaper.

There are basically two methods of paint stencils. With the first DAB the Paintbrush onto the wall using horizontally or vertically the plan. In this way the design will be colorful but will have less depth. With the second method, paint the design pressing the brush and making circular movements. The gradations of colors created give depth and intensity. In both cases, try your hand and what do you like most in another point before applying it on your wall.

If the surface you painting start , run and plan not to distinguish clearly in edge the Union with the dashboard, means that you are using a lot of color.

If you need to correct a spot you missed it, make it fast with terse movements using either a cloth to remove the excess in either a small paint brush to fix the print. If you think you won’t get, let dry and correct it later with a second coat of paint.
To determine whether the plan has been dry and remove the dashboard, tap gently with your fingers the wall, if you feel moisture or see traces of paint on your fingers need another year.

For the story of the stencil is a technique with a stamp that was originally used for the printing of identical letters. It is often used by the military and corporations when they want quickly and cleanly to construct a signpost to mark or designate an object or a room.

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