Make your kitchen a place warm and comfortable

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Are you tired of your modern kitchen of metallic, white and black? Do you find that already do not feel attracted by the minimalist style and instead crave the comfort and warmth of rustic kitchens? Many of us spend much of our time in the kitchen, so it is important that it is a practical and comfortable place.

Here are some of the ways to create such a climate of warmth in your own kitchen.

Let’s start from the bottom up. You can renew your floors by covering them with sheets of linoleum that simulate different types of wood and are available in almost all the big stores. Place and attach them to the floor is very easy and nothing expensive, they can be placed directly on the floor since they do not require any type of coating below and are long-lasting. Really a great alternative if you have kids or pets. The plates type wood come in different shades, so choose one that best match your cabinets and countertops.

Now take a look at the closets. Get some samples of different natural colors paint and fix what is more like. Try a color green olive, clear a chocolate or honey. Before painting, clean cabinets until there is no grease and dirt, then sanded a little with fine sandpaper and finally hand them back a cloth to remove the dust. Mix 1 part of paint with one of varnish and paint the cabinets with a wide brush. Then take a clean, dry cloth preferably cotton and wipe on fresh paint as wanting to remove it, to give the appearance and texture of old and worn. Paint the guards and details with the same color but without the varnish to give it contrast. When you choose the levers and knobs, try copper or wrought iron to complement the old style.

Make your kitchen a place warm and comfortable

Now the counter: buy a new countertop can be very costly, especially if you need to send it to do to measure or if you want to be granite. A less expensive to remodel your counter is with ceramic tiles that come in a variety of sizes and colors. Mexican in its variety of bright colors are a good choice. Once placed them, you should cement them so that they are firm and neat and then place around a wood 5 cm. guard about to give the final finish and warmth to the design.

Finally, choose a nice warm color to paint the walls of your kitchen. Ranges of the Browns as the color sand or coffee with milk will give you friendly feeling of warmth you want and harmonize well with cupboards and cabinets. If the site is large enough, you can paint a wall with a more intense color and the others with one softer within the same range.

Once all basic steps are already complete, it’s time to give the finishing touches like decorative jars, Wicker baskets and kitchen utensils can easily get at a great price at a garage sale. You can also hang the pans of a bracket that goes on top of the oven. A vase or glass carafe with fresh flowers will give you a lovely touch.

If you have a kitchen dining room, a closet or wooden sideboard as that used to be in the bakery, is a great choice to put the you and your collection of cookbooks. Now only subtraction that will fill your kitchen with the aroma of cinnamon from the recipes of her grandmother and enjoy!

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