Materials to create artificial ponds

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Cottage can be transformed beyond recognition, placing on its territory a small artificial pond with fish and plants, the banks which will be decorated with stones and pebbles. These days, artificial reservoirs is an indispensable attribute of modern landscape design. However, to the reservoir was not only reliable and durable, but also beautiful, you need to choose the right materials for its creation. They come in four types plastic molds, plastic film, concrete foundation and rubber.

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Film coating is commonly used for waterproofing of the bottom of the pit. There are several variants, with each owning their properties and different lifetime. The most practical and at the same time inexpensive material is polyethylene, which can easily be operated for at least two years. Another common option , the service life which is ten to fifteen years. Finally, the most expensive, but at the same time and most durable option film coating, which gradually wear out during the entire fifty years. Just very fit machine for ponds will pump, this unit serves for pumping and pumping of water, which is very convenient.

Another common material that is widely used for the manufacture of artificial reservoirs, is the plastic molds, which are placed on the bottom of the pit. However, the form for pond or pool can be not only made of plastic, but also with glass fiber. In any case, the use of this material is warranted only for use in the waters of a small area and depth.

Also one of the most common materials to build a pond or pool is concrete, which is used to fill in the casing. The most concrete is used for the manufacture of the walls and bottom of the stationary pools under the open sky. All that is needed for this procedure is a concrete mix, armature mesh of metal and wooden formwork, which is installed on the bottom of the pit. Fill the concrete forms are inexpensive, but at the same time an extremely laborious process of creating artificial reservoirs.

Materials to create artificial ponds

Finally, in our days, when creating artificial ponds small sizes commonly used liquid rubber, write on the wall of the pit multiple layers. Unlike other materials, it can be very different strength and configuration. In addition, it has an enviable longevity, which is from thirty to fifty years, as well as highly polluting.

The necessary conditions for the creation of artificial ponds, Of course, you can use special materials create an artificial elevation for the Cascades, Artificial ponds and fountains, more design of decorative ponds and pick up supplies, You create an artificial pond in your garden, Installation of artificial ponds, more waterproof membranes and other waterproofing materials from mechanical damage tearing, puncture and etc.. Materials for the construction of ponds and Lakes: sand, lining, foil, the creation of artificial reservoirs, If the planning of artificial reservoirs is carried out within the framework of the landscape, It is necessary to consider the Facture and color materials previously, Artificial pond as a decoration of the garden and the technology it create the appearance, as well as materials artificial ponds.

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