Styling sports surfaces

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The selection of coating in accordance with the operating conditions and its delivery to the facility;
Evaluating and preparing the base;
Drainage work
cut and flooring.
For example, it can be sports linoleum, modular floors made of composite polymers and parquet systems.

Styling sports surfaces

Why is it important to work with a proven company?

Providing special requirements for injury safety, noise absorption, elasticity, high strength and durability of sports floors is determined not only by the parameters of the material. In particular, the quality of flooring plays a big role. However, unprofessional installation of sports coatings can lead to their premature destruction and deformation. Of course, this will require additional funds for repairs or replacements.

Styling sports coatings: technology

As a rule, compliance with all technological requirements for the process of installation of sports coatings guarantees long-term stability of their consumer and operational characteristics.
The technology of styling sports coverage provides several mandatory stages:

careful preparation of the base, which can be served as a concrete screed, rubble, sand or old coating.

the alignment and laying of technological slopes, primer, grinding of the surface is carried out.
Subsequent stages of installation will vary depending on the type of coating. For example:

floor roll coatings are attached to the base with special adhesive masks, or mounting tape are fixed at the seams;

parquet coatings are laid on a lag system with a polypropylene substrate for optimal depreciation, or a deck laying system is used.

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