Microwave stopped heating food what to do?

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Morning has left to work without breakfast because they do not like to eat cold ravioli. It turned out that my microwave works but does not heat. Waking up, I put on a plate in the dumplings warm oven switched on 3 minutes and ran into the bathroom. After finishing the procedures and getting dressed for work, took out the dumplings out of the oven, but can’t eat them — they were like ice cubes.
It turns out my microwave turns on, slightly buzzing, twirls them on a tray and lights, but it does not heat! Why microwave food warming stopped?

Possible reasons why microwave oven stopped heating up

low voltage network;
miniature door switch not working microwave oven;
blown mains fuse;
high voltage fuse in a casing;
fuse on a transformer;
faulty Doubler quick start guide — diode;
faulty capacitor-Doubler quick start guide;
transformer not delivers a voltage on the control panel;
continuous fault capacitor;
does not heat magnetron bulb electromagnetic.

How to find fault

You must read the instructions microwave operates and what to do if the microwave oven does not heat. In the instructions, you can find the answer to the question of what to do in this case.
First you need to measure the voltage. Even with small (5-10v) deviation from 220v microwave oven will not heat properly.

Next you need to de-energize this microwave. Check the ohmmeter as included miniature switch on the oven door. Then remove the top cover by unscrewing the screws.

Then you need to check the mains fuse. If not visually visible inside wires and fuse is not black, just in case, to be sure, check the resistance tester. The next step is to check the fuse in the high voltage ohmmeter casing, will show a little resistance — everything is not so bad. Check visually and tester fuse on a transformer is normal or not.

Further start check component parts — multiplier diode and capacitor. Ohmmeter you can check whether the condenser, although it is designed to operate on networks of alternating current. Arrow Tester has and gone to infinity, this means the capacitor initially took a small charge from the tester, DC works.

When defective condenser arrow deviates — Cliff contact. Or just shows a small resistance is bad, it’s broken. Then you need to change to the new diode not to busy themselves with validation.

The third stage checks

Then you need to check the filter capacitors on the casing bushing electromagnetic lamps. Before checking, you must defuse the electrical screwdriver with an insulated handle, turn in the conclusions on the case. One ohmmeter probe put on output capacity, the second is on the metal housing.

Microwave stopped heating food what to do?

If the device does not show zero resistance, it is normal, but if the ohmmeter scale zero is changing. Then check the tank contacts ohmmeter trial. Between the contacts of the normal resistance should be about 0.1 ohms.
Check the primary winding of the transformer tester. When the microwave is turned on, the voltage on the primary winding, heating is enabled (imbedded into the oven at the time five minutes cups of water) must be 220v.


It’s a powerful lamp, she generates electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency ( -10 0.5 GHz) electron flow during the interaction with the magnetic field. But do not hurry with conclusions about failures, still need to visually check the reliability of solder contacts induction coils and filter link integrity terminals power magnetron with bobbin capacitors.

If the reason is separated or oxidized contact terminals, then fix the problem very simply yourself.
Next, check the magnetron filament resistance Tester, it should be on the order of 2-3. But if everything checked and everything works fine in your opinion, means spoiled lamp itself, i.e. the magnetron is not included. We do not recommend that you try to understand yourself in its device for repair.

Attention! The temperature of the metal case and radiator running lamps more than 150 degrees! Wait for gradual appliance cool down completely before you touch it with your hands. Then nothing more can be done by yourself.

Will be much easier to write all his technical characteristics: power, cathode voltage, current and voltage filament current anode. Order the new appliance warranty shop purchase and replace.

All work on the repairs you can do yourself, but it is better to call a qualified repair Wizard. The specialist will explain why microwave oven does not heat, and what to do. Find the cause and make the replacement parts or the magnetron. Then it must verify whether quality warms food microwave.

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