Modern drainage salvation from excess water

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The principle of construction of drainage 

Building reliable protection from the negative effects of groundwater was, is and will remain for the foreseeable future, the good old way – drainage device at home. After all, land development inexperienced owners often performed only on external factors: consumer choice often determined only by the beautiful location of the future garden or homestead.

And now the house is built or landscaped already built before; implanted fine gardening. And then the problems begin: on the site – with plantations that grow poorly and suffer from excess moisture in the house – with the foundation and basement, constantly moist and covered in mold.

Winter freezing soil saturated with moisture, leads to swelling, an increase in the volume of the soil both vertically and horizontally. As a result, it ends up shifting walls, masonry breaks that weaken the foundation and let in the basement moisture. Moist soil, frozen together with parts of the house, located in the ground, raises them at blistering; precipitation increase the level of water – all combined adverse factors can seriously damage the building of the house. Only the foundation drainage save situation: otsyrevanie construction stops.

The principle of construction of drainage

Generations pass builders changing production technology components of the drainage system, but the principle remains the drainage facilities is the same: an annular arrangement around the house drains and manholes device.

First you need to dig a trench 50 cm wide and fill their base granite rubble of at least 10 cm on the prepared this “cushion” stacked bilayer perforated pipe UPONOR with ring stiffness SN 8, which indicates the possibility of using them in the ground to a depth of 6 m. Inside the drains have a smooth surface, providing rapid washout of suspended silt in the water.

Drains are placed in small segments: drainage device at home with the help of pipes in this form allows to maintain the desired slope (0.5 – 0.7 mm), avoiding the failures of the system. Pipe stiffness helps them retain their position during ground motions. When the entire system is mounted drains backfilled granite fine content of 5 – 20 from all sides in a layer 30 cm, then covered with geotextile. This coating is poured sand to the top of the trench. Then everything closes earth backfill without stones and debris.

To monitor the performance of the system and its regular cleaning set inspection (audit) wells WAVIN sludge box with up to 20 cm when constructed drainage foundation, it involves the installation of a device audit wells on every second turn forward. Such a scheme creates the right conditions for washing two drains on both sides and reduces the cost of laying drainage. Well is a piece of corrugated pipe having a bottom and polypropylene manhole diameter 315 mm. Protruding above ground hatches successfully camouflage floral lawns, benches, sculptural groups or coating of plastic film, covered with earth and grass sown lawn.

Modern drainage salvation from excess water

From top to bottom of the drainage system installed only audit wells. The water collected by drains flows into the collecting well. On a plot of the lowest point is chosen, and, in the point of discharge water reservoir should be installed. It connects to the last manhole flexible pipe, he is equipped with drain pump and the diameter should be at least 600 cm Material of collector – plastic: thanks to him, well it turns tight, easy to install and takes up very little space plot. If the foundation drainage is performed in parallel with the construction of stormwater, the collector requires a well equipped with check valves UPONOR. This is done to prevent water from entering the drainage system during heavy rains or melting snega.Sobrannaya groundwater and surface water is suitable for watering the garden and kitchen garden.

Often a need for drainage of the area around the house is built is quite feasible. Only need to contact the company profile – then qualified experts will drain properly at home, according to the rules, structure and full protection from excessive moisture will be provided for many, many years.

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