Moisture resistant door composition and characteristics

Moisture resistant door composition and characteristics In the category building materials and construction Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about Moisture resistant door composition and characteristics.

Unique for our country production technology allows to produce doors on the market, fully meet current sanitary and hygienic standards, and therefore perfect for installation in restaurants, bars, cafes, hospitals, clinics, moisture-resistant door dispensaries and health centers, schools and kindergartens, saunas and swimming pools, sports complexes and universities.

Laboratory studies have shown that modern waterproof door when tested for water resistance, water resistance and resistance to moisture absorption indicator have no more than a tenth of a percent. This means that they can operate in areas with constant high humidity, that is where simple doors quickly become unfit for use. In doing so, they are not subjected to deformation under the influence of changes in humidity and temperature, as is often the case with doors made from solid wood or chipboard. Used a protective and decorative coating retains its initial properties even after frequent exposure to detergents and disinfectants.

Doors made of foamed PVC, are not afraid of not only water, but fire. They are characterized by increased fire safety because it does not burn in the open air and in the event of a fire instantly fade. In addition, they have a hollow honeycomb structure and high-quality sealant around the perimeter, which guarantees outstanding sound insulation and heat-insulating qualities. Thanks to porous structure they have low birth weight, in particular, the standard door leaf weighs no more than fifteen kilograms. Biological resistance of the material completely eliminates the infecting fungus or mould door when installed in the sauna, the steam bath or in the bathroom.

Various design options along with the wide color range allow you to easily enter the modern waterproof door in any residential or non-residential Interior. The surface of the door is decorated with a special film, using the method of hot pressing. This kind of coverage does not fade with time, not afraid of moisture, not deformed without problems to clean any cleaners. At the request of the customer in the design of the door can be included transparent elements of reinforced or shockproof glass.

Moisture resistant door Kit is a complete system that is completely ready for installation. In this kit includes door leaf box, additional elements, trims and accessories. Compared with doors of wood stoves and wood, moisture-resistant polymer solutions have durability, increased more than twice. In addition, they are extremely easy to maintain and do not require constant care. The smooth surface makes it much easier to remove dirt. Production technology of today has no equivalent on the market. Thus, their purchase is a wise choice, informed by factors such as high quality, reliability and durability.

Moisture resistant door composition and characteristics

Moisture resistant gypsum partition blocks, specialists in the field of construction immediately commented. Glass sliding doors and sliding doors, Water Resistant Doors and Frames, a heavy wash-down or pressure washing can be performed without compromising the interior construction of the door. damage. Composition and characteristics of waterproof laminate, Much earlier on the market has a water-resistant laminate. It costs cheaper.

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