A multilevel stretch ceiling

A multilevel stretch ceiling In the category seamless stretch ceilings Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about A multilevel stretch ceiling.

For the production of multilevel ceiling designs can use two well-known technologies.

Suspended ceiling with drywall

Such systems appeared in the CIS at the end of the last century. Ceilings are made using this technology have a smooth surface. Through the use of special waterproof plates they do not threaten the water dripping from the upper floors. In this case, the water flows down the walls, destroying the facing of walls, floor and wall from inventory, furniture.


False ceiling installation is useful when the height does not change markedly due to the gap between the bearing ceiling and mounted slabs. This distance is at least 10-15 centimetres. For this reason, the Assembly of suspended gypsum board has not received a large spread among the owners of standard apartments, whose height is equal to 2.5 -2.7 meters.
Installation of pendant system takes a lot of time and gives the customer a lot of worries.

The room should be fully released from furniture. But it needs to be put somewhere. It’s uncomfortable, especially if the tenants during the repair period to go nowhere.

Before the start of the repair material and components purchase, take it all home. Wear a lot of pieces of material along the narrow ladder marches alone is hard, and waging expensive. You need to be prepared to ensure that the apartment for a few days is this construction with all its attributes, debris, dust and noise.

An alternative to ceiling for more than ten years is the most modern technology-stretch fabric-based vinyl film or synthetic fabric. It has a number of significant advantages.

Advantages of stretch ceilings

Installation works are maximum one working day. This applies to multilevel stretch ceilings with not only a few horizontal planes and various three-dimensional shapes, and curved surfaces. Normal flat structure mounters will mount in just 2-3 hours. If the customer does not have to make the room furniture and other property. You only need some high cabinets move in such a way as to allow half-meter passage along the walls.

The distance between the frame and the lower level of the main span is 3-5 inches of. Each new level will require the same minimum distance. Thus, even in a normal apartment, you can easily schedule the installation of the multi-tiered variety.

A multilevel stretch ceiling

Simple multilevel ceiling will create in different premises of apartment individually designed according to functional areas. In the kitchen it may be a stretch for cooking and dining. In the bedroom-table area. The customer using the n-tier solution can realize any of your imagination.

In the Interior of residential, retail, Office, entertainment and other heated premises most often used vinyl material. The fact that the cost of the film is significantly lower than the cost of the woven cloth. For comparison, the fabric of the Swiss or German production. The ceiling has a significant advantage to retain their properties at temperatures from-40° c to + 50° c. This is very important if indoors in the winter time can be turned off heating.

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